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My experience with a 3 day water fast

Photo by Anni Roenkae on While for some people the pandemic was a time to cave into less physical effort and bad eating choices, for me it was quite the opposite. Since there were so many restrictions regarding places you can travel to and visit, I challenged myself to go out every day in… Continue reading My experience with a 3 day water fast



I'm writing this for all of those that celebrate Easter and to open their eyes to what exactly they are celebrating. If you see this Holiday just a way to reunite with family, have some nice meals and relax, then good for you, nothing wrong with that. But the deeper meaning behind Easter and the… Continue reading Bringing JUSTICE to JESUS


Why some emotions are so painful

Photo by Digital Buggu on Most of our decisions in life are made based on what path seems less painful. The level of pain each one experiences is very subjective and personal. Some may feel a lot of pain from rejection, some from being criticised. If we could each rate on a scale from… Continue reading Why some emotions are so painful


Where is home?

Photo by Kelly L on Most people associate "home" with the place where they grew up, with family or the place where they sleep at night. Since I've moved a lot over the years, changing cities and apartments, I lost that classical sense of "home" and just tried to make a new home in… Continue reading Where is home?

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The 4 Seasons~Gallery~

Living in a big city and following a certain fixed schedule has pushed man outside of his normal habitat, and disconnected him from nature. I myself have been a victim to this, but for the past 2 years I have made some small changes that made a big difference in my life. The first change… Continue reading The 4 Seasons~Gallery~

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Six abilities needed for the times to come

Photo by Jacob Morch on As I wrote in a prior article last year, the world has ended. I have not changed my opinion on the fact that the world has ended, and I'm back with more information explaining why it may seem it is still there and what to focus on from now… Continue reading Six abilities needed for the times to come

True Colors

True Colors – Part 15

Po became so big and known  That the news arrived back home.  Everybody read his book.  And it cached them like a hook.  Slowly all the tummies changed  Structure was then rearranged  Into building blocks of colors  In relation with the numbers.  And the last page of Po’s book  You for sure can’t overlook.  It contains piece of… Continue reading True Colors – Part 15

True Colors

True Colors – Part 14

With each step along the way  He learned more without delay.  Once the book was finalized  Tears of joy layed in his eyes.  “What a happy day, my Rachel  I am blissed and I am grateful.  Thank you for all the support  You gave love and you gave hope.”  Of my darling, I’m so proud  Finally, your… Continue reading True Colors – Part 14

True Colors

True Colors – Part 13

All his sickness disappeared  And his face was full of cheer. Packed his bag and went to Rachel   “Please forgive me, special angel.”  I don’t want to be a crook  I just want to write a book.  I know structure, I know colors  And combined they will do wonders.  ‘Yes my darling, stay with me  I’ll support you,… Continue reading True Colors – Part 13