True Colors – Part 15

Po became so big and known 

That the news arrived back home. 

Everybody read his book. 

And it cached them like a hook. 

Slowly all the tummies changed 

Structure was then rearranged 

Into building blocks of colors 

In relation with the numbers. 

And the last page of Po’s book 

You for sure can’t overlook. 

It contains piece of advice 

That should sell for a high price. 

“Oh dear friends, never forget 

What you give is what you take 

Balance in the world is key 

To live like a majesty. 

Embrace who you are at heart 

Learn the numbers, learn some art. 

Be the person you love most 

And share love when it is lost.” 


True Colors – Part 14

With each step along the way 

He learned more without delay. 

Once the book was finalized 

Tears of joy layed in his eyes. 

“What a happy day, my Rachel 

I am blissed and I am grateful. 

Thank you for all the support 

You gave love and you gave hope.” 

Of my darling, I’m so proud 

Finally, your voice is loud. 

I believe true in your book! 

Let us send it to the Duke. 

And the Duke received it well 

It was like a fairy tale. 

He let Po to teach his knowledge 

Spread it like a bowl of porridge. 

True Colors – Part 13

All his sickness disappeared 

And his face was full of cheer.

Packed his bag and went to Rachel  

“Please forgive me, special angel.” 

I don’t want to be a crook 

I just want to write a book. 

I know structure, I know colors 

And combined they will do wonders. 

‘Yes my darling, stay with me 

I’ll support you, just be free. 

I believe that doing this 

Will be good for Kathardis.’ 

He wrote home that it is over, 

And he quits his job forever. 

Asking trust as helping hand. 

Cause they’ll never understand. 

Without waiting for response 

He began his faithful cause. 

Searching for a way to write 

What was only as a thought. 

He began to find a pattern 

And a balance in the matter 

Where the color takes a structure 

In relation with a number. 

True Colors – Part 12

What a hard and tough decision 

I can’t get to a conclusion 

Should I choose numbers or colors? 

Should I send Rachel some roses? 

But one night he had a dream 

And a mighty Po appeared 

He looked wise , happy and fun 

“You are me, and we are one!” 

I am here to help you out 

With your question and your doubt 

Open eyes and see my tummy, 

Is it structured? Is it gloomy? 

Once he saw he jumped from bed 

With relief from toe to head 

He felt  he must take an oath 

Then he whispered: “I’ll do both!” 

True Colors – Part 11

3 weeks later.. 

In a Monday afternoon 

Po was sleeping in his room 

He was ill and locked in bed 

With a compress on his head. 

Friends and family by his side 

Wondering, will he survive? 

No one knows what’s wrong with him 

And his tummy’s black and slim. 

But deep down he knows the cause 

He feels guilty, lonely , lost. 

Teaching numbers was postponed 

Asking, is it good or wrong? 

Was the structure really useful 

Aren’t colors more resourceful? 

Also , Rachel’s far away 

And he’s forced in bed to stay. 

True Colors – Part 10

So he took a leather belt 

Wrapped it tight until he felt 

That the colors are well hidden 

Cause at home they are forbidden. 

Once arrived he met the master: 

“Kathardis was a disaster!” 

Really tried to teach them order 

But they’re hopeless , full of color. 

Don’t you worry Po, I know 

It’s expected , that’s the flow 

This was just a work experience 

You cannot impose obedience. 

Let’s forget this, move ahead 

And erase it from your head 

Students now await for you 

Teach them numbers, like you do. 

True Colors – Part 9

At first he was in denial 

Feeling like a pest on trial. 

All his colors begged he stayed 

But his mind was too afraid. 

Feeling trapped and very sad 

He accepted. Packed his bag. 

Grabbed a paper and a pen, 

Wrote to Rachel, his girlfriend. 

“Oh my dearest I must go 

And it breaks my heart in four 

But I’ll fight to find a way 

To return here and to stay. 

You’re my angel, you’re my lover 

You’re my perfect matching color. 

I believe we’re meant to be 

Please have faith and wait for me. 

Then he rushed to catch his boat 

With a sadness in his throat 

He missed Rachel, it was clear 

Other feelings then appeared 

“How will others judge me home? 

Structure’s gone and I’m alone. 

All my tummy’s full of colors 

I most hide this sight from others. “

True Colors – Part 8

Slowly Po began to change, 

Love for him was new and strange. 

Tummy bricks began to crumble 

Passing from a square to bubble. 

Next he was contained by colors 

Loosing interest in the numbers. 

Nothing felt for Po the same 

Classes turned into a game. 

So instead of teaching order 

They were playing with no border. 

Singing, dancing, drawing patterns 

And forgetting all the matters. 

One day Po received a call 

From his Master : “How is all? 

Hope the teachings went alright 

Take the boat, and head on back. 

Po was so involved with friends 

He forgot the contract ends. 

‘I’m not ready to go home, 

I’ll feel empty and alone.’ 

True Colors – Part 7

All the students, looked so gloomy, 

Full of colors on their tummy. 

Even tho they’ve interacted, 

They were easily distracted. 

One day they were map creators, 

Next day they were dominators, 

One day they were dancing fairies, 

Just like in Po’s early memories. 

It became worryingly harder, 

Also pleasant in a manner. 

Even tho they lacked the order, 

They were friendly like no other. 

From the group someone was special, 

Pretty, by the name of Rachel. 

She amused him every day, 

With her quirkiness and play. 

Followed by their heart compasses, 

Talking even after classes 

They did everything together 

Under warm or awful weather. 

True Colors – Part 6

All these questions troubled Po. 

‘Why did I accept to go?’ 

Is it really necessary? 

What if all is ordinary? 

But his thoughts got interrupted: 

‘Welcome! Please come in, beloved. 

Take this bed and take this food. 

You’re now in my brotherhood.’ 

‘Thank you Duke..’, said Po with sorrow. 

I am nervous for tomorrow. 

‘I can see that, but no worries! 

We can’t wait to hear your stories!’ 

‘We are 42 fresh students 

Gathered like a pack of noodles 

Ready to absorb the knowledge 

When thrown in a bowl of porridge.’ 

The next day he went to teach, 

And prepared a friendly speech, 

“I am Po and I like colors, 

But I’m here to teach you numbers.’