2 Months of Unpaid Vacation

Today began something exciting and scary for me. I took two months of unpaid vacation , from my full time job as a software tester.

Although I wanted this so bad, I feel a lot of pressure to finish everything that I planned to do. One of the things from my huge list is to write in this blog every day, considering I have never written a blog like this before, exposing my thoughts and feelings through words. Usually I prefer expressing them through dance, painting or jewelry making.

I will also have to spend a lot of money from my savings on utilities and food, savings that were usually spend on traveling and hobbies. I can’t say this is affecting me that bad, it’s just a bit unpleasant.

The huge list that I mentioned , consists of activities and ideas that I wanted to bring to life for the past 2-3 years, but never had the energy and time to finish or even start such projects . I guess some people can relate.

In the first week, I plan to open an online store, on the most popular website specialized in handmade goods here in my country, but not to share my newest creations, but my stack of old jewelry and home decor items, that I gathered over the years, and that I left abandoned after I got my full time job.

During collage I used to participate at craft fairs pretty often, and also had time to manage some online posts and facebook page.

Now the poor things sit in boxes, and I feel them like a heavy rock over my shoulders , because I want to share them with the world.

The work I have to dedicate to this project is really discouraging . For example today I barely managed to sort a few jewelry , take photos of about 30 items, and post on the website about 10 items.

I think I have in total around 300 items, and half of them need a bit of reconditioning or how we artists like to say : a makeover.

I’m also mentioning that the site administrations is not free, and that handmade items are not a priority for the buyers in my country. So my expectations are not high, but at least I have to try.

Edit: you won’t be able to buy any of them because I offer shipping only in Romania, but you can take a look here if you are curious.

Other things in my list : create more DIY videos for my YouTube Channel The Fluffy Hedgehog. I have a lot of ideas written down,  and I can’t wait to get to them.

Also MistiqueL, which is my  dance videos YouTube Channel, is a part of my soul that needs attention.

I want to expand and bring more sales on my Etsy Shop TreasureFriends.

Write a book, or at least start a book and see how it goes.

Finish this website and populate it with all the above, plus this blog.

Normally someone would say : “Wish me luck” . But I don’t believe in luck.

I’m aware that disappointment arises when things don’t work out as planned. That’s why I’m keeping it flexible, trying to learn as much as possible, and sharing it with you, maybe it helps in some way.

I heard somewhere that it’s insanity to expect changes in your life when you do the same thing every day. That’s why I’m making something different starting today, and I’m very curious to see where it leads me.

Much love to you all.