Tips and Inspiration

Working with clay

There are a multitude of types of clay out there, with different textures, different drying temperatures and different colors.

When I first started making jewelry, almost 7 years ago, there weren’t that many shops online from which to buy supplies ( modelling clay included), but after seeing pictures with creations made by others, I was hooked and wanted to try it at all costs.

I remember my first experience with clay was a total disaster. I bought modeling clay for kids-the one that never dries , from the office supply store, and after creating some beautiful butterflies, I covered them in a thick layer of wood lacquer, in the hope that they will dry and harden.

It was a hot day of summer and after a few hours, the lacquer cracked and the inside melted and turned to goo.

The second experience with clay was no more successful. After I went to University in a bigger city, with more possibilities, I discovered an art shop that sold clay for making pottery. I hoped  to make small disks for earrings, that I could paint afterwords.

The clay was really hard to work with, not only being rigid, but also very messy, because it was designed for creating pottery, not small pieces. A 2 kilogram pack was thrown in the garbage.

The third time was a charm. One day while shopping at a hypermarket, I discovered an area with crafting materials. They also sold these small packages of modelling clay for kids, in all sorts of colors, but with the promise that it dries at room temperature.

I bought a few colors and started creating. Unfortunately this clay was so soft and light, that it became almost impossible to create any realistic figures. Nevertheless I continues creating all sorts of abstract formations, combining metal pieces and beads, and creating some really cool and colorful brooches.

From all I made at the time, this is the only one remained, after all these years, some being sold, some being lost. Of course the one bellow is a little reconditioned, offering a leather backing for more stability.

At some point I found air drying clay specialized for making jewelry in a crafting store, online.

This clay was also soft and light, but more easy to work with, and I finally managed to fulfill my dream of making painted earrings.

Years passed, and clay became a must have in my home as a crafter. As we speak I have half a package in my drawer.

I experimented and experimented and made all sorts of creations, that are very dear to my heart.

Energy and spiritual wise, clay is the most absorbing. You must use your hands to model it, leaving fine lines of fingerprint in every piece, but also a small print of your heart.

If you ever consider of making a handmade gift for someone dear to you, clay is the best way to go. If you don’t trust your hands, you can also use cookie cutters, or the ones specially designed for cutting clay.

Even the scraps that remain, covered with the right tones of paint, can become a unique piece of abstract art.

And when the time is right, the perfect piece will emerge into your mind, and your hands will work on their one, to bring an idea to life. It’s just beautiful. It’s magic.

If you are from Romania you can buy some of my last creations, by clicking here.

Lots of love to you all.