Out of the norm

Introvert , Extrovert or Maybe Something Else? My journey to Self Discovery

Since I was a little girl, I had difficulties getting accepted and fitting in with the rest.

I was always very quiet, not interacting with anybody, not making the first step to anything.

At the parental meetings, the teacher never had complaints about me, saying I was just really behaved, sitting there in my bench, the kind of person that doesn’t speak , just acts.

In school. you were a blessing for the teachers, surrounded by so many agitated and loud children, but the problems started for me as I god a job in a big corporation.

Being quiet and by your own in a big corporation ,is a big problem for your superior. There is a lot of pressure to fit in with the team, because  you must be able to interact with others so you can do a great job.

When it came to work, and job, I never had problems to interact and ask questions. The problem for me was to interact socially, and even if I see the two as something totally different, there was still a lot of pressure from my superior to interact more socially, to get to know the others more. What a nightmare!

Gradually, I started to question if there is a problem with me, and how can I fix it. So for the first time in my life I started to read a lot of books on self development, how to make small talk, how to engage in conversations and so on.

I discovered I sorted fitted in the Introvert stereotype, the one that enjoys being alone, to stay in bed  with a good book instead of going to a party , that enjoys more the company of animals than humans and that is mostly quiet.

There was at one time a whole trend around this topic, putting introverts in a brighter light , TED talks on how introverts make good managers, 9gag posts suggesting introverts are mature and kind, versus extroverts who are just some party animals.

For a while it was a relief, but not to see how introverts are more discussed or noticed, but to see there are so many others like me out there, since all my life I felt an outsider.

It was a relief to know that I am not a “problem”, that it’s normal to be this way, and that I finally can accept who I am.

Years passed and after discovering more exciting books on spirituality and new age, I discovered the reason I don’t fit in with the rest is not because I am an introvert.

In her amazing and breathtaking book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth”, Dolores Cannon, during her sessions as a hypnotist with many people,  discovered that many souls, not only had previous lives on this Earth, but also on other Planets and Galaxies, occupying all sorts of bodies in the past, living around entirely different civilizations.

That may be the reason why you are not fitting in with people, not understanding their habits, the way they act, the way they speak. Being ultra sensitive and prone to diseases. It’s a hard time for you to adapt.

I can’t justify this theory to be entirely true for you.

In what concerns me personally,I can say the first time I read this book,  it felt like common sense. I was always attracted by these type of topics, UFOs, aliens, asking the big questions, who we were and where are we going, why are we here.

There are already a lot of scientific studies on reincarnation, and on life on other planets, that is practically a fact, considering the immensity of the Universe. So why not consider that our souls have the option to reincarnate on other Planets?

There are also the many dreams I have, in which I walk around cities or landscapes which are similar to Earth, but not quite, with several details that are different, like gadgets or animals.

I also have dreams in which I feel I am myself, but not Laura. Sometimes I am a totally different character, and meet with people I feel they are close to me, but I don’t know them in this current life.

I realized that out personality is too vast and complex to fit it in a box called introvert or extrovert, to describe ourselves in just two words, or to even compose a phrase about ourselves.

We are infinite beings, just passing by this Earth in a human body, collecting information and experience to grow and expand even more.

Learning these things have not changed who I am, but they helped me with the following:

1)  Say NO without any fear and focusing on what really matters

e.g. I’m not going in team buildings because I don’t enjoy them, and I prefer to create something at home instead

2)Staying true to myself

e.g. Even tho society says to have a house and get married, I will continue to be free of debt and contracts

3)Dedicate more energy on the bigger picture and discard the small stuff

e.g. I’m not angry I stayed in line 1 hour for nothing, because I had time to reflect on myself.

You are not alone!

Lots of love to you all!