Out of the norm

Why I think life is like a video game

It is common knowledge for most of us that we experience rough situations, suffering and failure so we can learn from our mistakes and grow. Or that success in life is based on how much you work and study new things.

I find this to be true, but wrongly interpreted.

We don’t learn anything new. We just remember something we already knew.

I believe everyone has a character/personality formed , since God created its lifeform as a ball of energy molecules.

Everyone has implemented within themselves strengths and weaknesses, exactly in the same manner a video game has its heroes from which to choose.

Your character is already formed and decided.

But with each new life you experience, once you incarnate to this planet or other planets, some situations may cause you to inhibit some strengths and power up some weaknesses and vice versa.

Let me example that with a video game reference. Let’s say you choose a wizard character, that has as strengths magic spells but as weaknesses brute force.

Strength: LVL 1

Defense: Lvl 2

Magic Power: Lvl 10

Spells: Lvl 9

Since the map you are going to play is generated randomly, you find resources only to build weapon warehouses, and not libraries and magic books.

So by the circumstances you are forced to focus on building only your Strength and Defense.

After a few rounds you get to this level:

Strength: LVL 5

Defense: Lvl 7

Magic Power: Lvl 10

Spells: Lvl 10

On the other side of the map, your enemy is not a wizard, but a swordsman:

Strength: LVL 9

Defence: Lvl 8

Magic Power: Lvl 1

Spells: Lvl 2

With similar resources he builds his strength and defense, he manages to get to a great level.

Strength: LVL 15

Defence: Lvl 16

Magic Power: Lvl 2

Spells: Lvl 2

At the first encounter with him, you manage to kills a few of his men from a distance using spells, but once he gets close enough, he kills all your army and takes over your castle, causing suffering and misery to you and all of your people.

An important remark here:

You were both clueless at the begging of the game. When the wizard first set hands on a spell book, he managed to cast the first spell within an hour, and master level 4 spells within a month. Every time he took a sword in his hands, it felt heavy, and couldn’t control it, looking like a fool, but he managed to be a mediocre swordsman after months and months of practice. And being mediocre at it, if he stops practicing, he forgets everything he learned.

The swordsman situation was opposite. In fact, he didn’t even try to cast one lvl 1 spell. Seeing the book just provoked him disgust.

Being that said, I think you can easily make correlations with real life situations.

You were born in a malfunctioned family and you end up a millionaire, but you neighbor with similar family ends up a drug addict in prison.

So what is the purpose of all these lives and reincarnations?

It is not to learn new things, but to learn how to use what we already have and make something great, to learn to improvise when there’s nothing there, to learn strategies to win a battle with no army. You just gain experience in using your strengths and weaknesses in the best manner possible. And once you know who you are, once you gain full power of yourself, you will be unstoppable.

Much love to you all!