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Do other people's opinions about us matter ? and how to deal with them

Imagine yourself in the first 7 years of your life like a blank computer program, ready to be written. You’re just starting to learn about how things in life work, how society works , how money works, how relationships work and so on.

Who is the first with privilege to write something in your program? well..mostly your family, but also friends, teachers and what you see on TV, what you read in books.

For example in the country I live, there is a popular belief that rich people are bad, that they are corrupt, that they obtained money through illegal or immoral methods and that they are untrustworthy.

So basically I never ever ever dared to imagine myself very wealthy because I’m not like those people! I consider myself a good person, so how can I be wealthy?

Luckily I recently started to be aware of all my hard coded beliefs since childhood, and working hard to “reprogram” them because they simply do no serve me.

Taking this into consideration , obviously the things we hear affects us, the opinions of others about us included.

For example if you had a father that kept nagging you when you were little : “you are naive! you must learn more!” , chances are, you are struggling with anything related to learning, and dealing with blockages and preconceptions about your learning ability.

This shouldn’t be that surprising, especially after you start joining the dots, but what I’m about to share with you next will blow your mind! At least it blew mine when I found out.

If the environment we grow up in, has such a big influence on us, how do we explain the children that grow up suffering in hard conditions , with a broken family, but then becomes successful and rich?

You might say, well… that’s easy, because what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger , right?

OK. Let me ask you this : What about the children that have very supportive families : ” You are the best! You can do anything! ” and that end up with no job, with no friends, or worse, drug addicts or criminals?

Here is the SECRET my friends:

It doesn’t matter what others say to you. It matters what you say to yourself.

So for example if everyone else around you tells you what a failure you are, but you tell yourself that you are doing great, you will succeed.

If everyone else tells you how great you are , but you are not satisfied with your achievements then the results will show.

You say something, and the Universe says back : “Yes! That’s right!”

Considering a lot of examples around us, we notice that in most cases we believe a lot in what others are saying about us, and continuing to say that to ourselves, especially when it’s something negative. So how do we deal with that?

Here is the second SECRET:

What others say about you , is just a reflection of their internal state of spirit, positive or negative.

So if someone says, “wow you look amazing today”, you don’t take it as truth, it just means they are feeling very positive that day, and they are spreading their lovely energy to you as well. So you say : “thanks for sharing!”

If someone says : ” wow you really screw up this time”, you don’t take it as truth, it just means they are in a low state of being, a negative state, with their own issues, and they are reversing their garbage on you. So you say ” thanks for sharing!”

Obviously, to avoid any upset feelings, you don’t say that to their faces, but you must say it to yourself, after hearing it.

“Thanks for sharing!”

Then go ahead and create a nice story about yourself, and what you think about yourself, because putting yourself down like that doesn’t serve you!

Lots of love everyone! Kisses!