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How to optimize your closet and spend less on clothes

Lately I started observing my habits with more interest, and I’m pretty disappointed about my closet management.

Here are the top 3 issues I found:

1. Although I have over 30 pieces of summer clothing (even after the moving clean up), I still wear only 20% of them.

2. Even though I like some of the clothes very much, I wear them rarely or never.

3.I spend at least 10 minutes deciding what to wear, and sometimes I change my mind after getting dressed and start over.

If you relate with this, don’t worry! I have 3 simple actions that you can take, to optimize your closet, spend less time deciding on your outfit for the day, and wear more than 70% of your clothes frequently.

Step 1

Get rid of what you haven’t worn in the last 3 weeks!

If it’s hard to remember, at the start of each month, put aside in one corner of closet the ones you wear, and make a statistic at the end of the month.

Step 2

Decide what your style is.

This step is actually the hardest one for me, since I own elegant blouses and also T-shirts with funny quotes on them.

But nevertheless , each one of us has a style, and you can discover that also by separating in one corner of the closet what you wore for the past month.

Step 3

From this day forward, buy only clothes and shoes that match with each other no matter what combination you choose.

For this step I actually have a cool tool to recommend you.

It’s a website called , and it let’s you build outfits by choosing all kinds of tops, bottoms or shoes. My first choice for recommendation was, but unfortunatelly this site was bought by another company and it lost it’s features, so I had to search for a close alternative.

As an example, I created using this website, a collection of 2 set of pants, 8 tops, 1 skirt, 1 jacket and 2 pair of shoes, and no matter what combination you choose from that list, they work and match very well together.

Creating such a collection can help you:

1. Discovering what your style is.

2. Avoiding unnecessary shopping, thus spending less money on clothes.

3. Wearing over 70% of your wardrobe frequently, because no matter what you choose it matches.

4. Spending less time deciding on what to wear.

Also, how about wearing a smile today? Cheers!