My encounter with a baby crow

Last week the city was stroke by a torrential rain , with drops so heavy and numerous, that a mist was emerged from the ground, not being able to see at a couple of meters ahead of you.

It took about 30 minutes or more, then the sun came up.

The atmosphere was so magical, especially when walking through the park, surrounded by wet nature, with a pleasant smell of linden tree and mist emerging through the alleys.

I waited for my boyfriend to get out of work and we went for a walk in the park. In this particular park there is this empty lake, over 1 meter deep, with interiors  covered in graffiti.

Most of the center was covered by big puddles caused by the rain, leaving the edges a bit dry.

In one of the corners we spot a little being, that moved its head slowly, having a black and white colour, and looking very very similar to a kitten.

After a few hesitations, we went to see it more closely, making already plans about how our cat will react when we bring home a kitten.

We got to the edge of the lake and noticed the kitten was actually a bird, a baby crow to be more exact, that had blue eyes, and started trembling after seeing us.

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The bigger crow relatives were watching from the trees above, making noises and hitting the branches of the trees to scare us off.

Even so, they did nothing to help the little guy who was stuck in the lake with no way out.

We went to a bench on the opposite side of the lake, to check what  was the situation exactly.

The little guy tried to fly out, but he couldn’t jump more than one palm high, and the relatives just stood above watching him.

Determined to help him I went again to the edge of the lake, thinking that maybe I can jump in and get him out.

But once I got there,  I realised the lake was deeper than I anticipated, and the little guy could just run away from me along the edge, or worse getting into the water and drawn.

I searched the area and saw a big branch that had fallen in the storm.

I grabbed it and placed it on the edge of the lake, in a inclined angle, to be used by the baby crow to escape.

The bigger relatives started to agitate so I ran back to the bench to observe the output.

The little guy at first started to eat out of the branch some little bugs. After a few attempts he started to climb the branch.

Unfortunately it was  not long enough to touch the outside of the lake, and he just remained there on the branch.

At this point I couldn’t take it anymore, feeling so sorry for him.

So I went back there to look for another branch, to give him more help.

The one I found was even shorter than the first one, and as I was trying to arrange it somehow, the bigger crows started flying close to my head, being ready to attack.

The little guy this time didn’t look so scared of me anymore.

He just looked at me like I was his friend.

In an act of courage, without thinking too much, I grabbed the whole branch on which he sat, and lifted the whole thing out of the lake, and put it on the ground, thus freeing the little crow from the lake.

The crows were really agitating so after releasing the little guy, I got away from there as fast as I could, with my legs trembling.

I watched the little guy from the opposite side, on the bench, how he cuddled next to a tree, and absorbing some sun light.

Did I did the right thing?


Are crows dangerous?

Absolutely, especially when you are near their nest.

All I know is, my soul is more calm knowing that baby crow is not stuck there any more.

UPDATE: After a week from this incident, the local park authorities cleaned the lake and filled it with water. Good think the baby crow was not there when this happened.