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How to make decisions in life


The process of making decisions , from deciding on small things like what you will have for dinner, to bigger things, like choosing from two different paths or partners, is something that we should constantly work on to improve, and we should treat with high importance and from a place of consciousness.

First of all the time spent on making decisions can result on ruining solid foundations , when we act quick, without judgement, or can result in anxiety and sleepless nights, when we indulge in overthinking.

More than that, life itself as you experience it, is a direct result of your past, present and future decisions, which makes them even more of high importance. Just look around and you can see the physical manifestation of your choices. The people you spend time with, the home you are living in, the job you go to everyday, the food you are eating and so on. The concept of “I had no choice” , is just an illusion. Sure, it was best to choose something at some point considering the circumstances, to avoid some type of suffering, but you always have a choice.

Most people rely on logic when making decisions. They make a list of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ and go with the option with less ‘cons’. Logic can be a very helpful friend in some situations and can ease some of the burdens when things get overwhelming. But it can also become an enemy against your truest heart desires.

What am I talking about? Let me introduce you to the toughest decisions you have to make in life: the ones where your mind is in contradiction with your heart.
The ones where everything makes perfect sense on paper, but something just doesn’t feel right. The ones where everyone and everything is against it, but something just calls you to go for it. The ones where you have to choose between 2 options that both have ‘pros’ and ‘cons’, but in different areas. That something, that apparently has no logical sense, can keep you blocked in a situation for a long period of time, and it is very important to recognize if it comes from intuition or fear.

Intuition will fight to keep your soul alive and prosper. Fear will fight to keep your ego alive and prosper.
Intuition is there to help you follow your life purpose, ego is there to help you follow other peoples life purpose.

A way to distinguish the two, is by analyzing how some situations make you feel.

Take a piece of paper and analyze an important past decision you made at one time.
How did you feel after the made decision settled in your life?

The choices made with your intuition will make you feel liberated, free, alive, motivated, full of joy, grateful, at peace, calm , serene, content, hopeful, but it may come with the downside of feeling rejected or judged by others, or feeling unsure of your material and financial stability.

2. Fear
The choices made from fear, will make you feel safe, comfortable, stable in the material world, accepted by the fellow people around you and easy to integrate with them, but it may come with anxiety, extreme boredom, tendency to overindulge in sex, drugs, alcohol, food or partying, minor or major health problems, problems with waking early in the morning, lack of motivation, confusion, and feeling lost.

So , for making future decisions, let’s try an imagination exercise. Picture your life as if the decision is already made. How a day in your life looks like? How do you feel? How does your day pass by?
Even tho there are a lot of unknown factors, you can still use imagination to predict how it will be based on your present. Take action towards what your intuition dictates you.

An other simple trick you can use, is to flip a coin and let faith decide for you no matter what. Let’s say you have to chose between option A and option B. While you flip the coin, pay attention to what you wish deep down to obtain. If you got option B, and feel very disappointed, or the need to flip one more time, maybe option A is what you truly desire.

I personally skip the coin part, and just ask myself “Should I chose option A?”. The first answer that comes loud and clear is the right one for me. Usually I hear a clear YEEES or NOOOO in an instant. I use this method also for small things, like which way should I walk next, or what should I eat today. It works wonders for me and it makes life much easier.

Once you made your decision, trust in it! Remove any doubt. Remember, there are no bad or good decisions. Usually you will encounter the same type of people and lessons along the way, that best fit your personal journey. The only difference is that some choices may get you to the knowledge much faster than others and with less obstacles.

Much love to you all!

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