How can a virus be your greatest teacher

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As I am writing this, the world is facing a battle with a virus, that is spreading very fast, causing a lot of people to react in certain ways, based on their worst fears.

We should look at this virus from a higher perspective, and see that actually it’s not our enemy. I mean, it’s not called corona (crown) for nothing. 👑 This virus is actually the perfect pretext for your inner growth. This virus is your worst and best teacher. “Worst” because you will learn some things the hard way, because you’ve delayed learning them the good way, “best” because you will learn some awesome lessons, that will make you very strong. You will be a king, or a queen after this.

This virus will expose your greatest fears, or how I like to call them : inner demons, or shadows, that you carefully pushed down for all this years, and ignored completely.

So let’s discuss each type of fear , in the order that I observed to be the most common to less common, although it can be any order.

  1. Fear of death

Fear of death is understandable, with all the drama created around it, especially in mass media and movies.  I once read a lovely quote by a Romanian author , Marin Preda, that said : ” Death is something natural, but we make it seem horrible.”

The greater your fear of death is, the bigger your attachment is to the material world and your role in society, because actually, death is a complete destruction of the ego, while the soul will continue to live.

Destruction of the ego means, the destruction of your job title (CEO, manager, entrepreneur, engineer, banker etc), your role in the family title (husband, mother, father, sister , son, etc) , your talent title (writer, composer, dancer, painter etc), your possessor of things and events title ( car owner, house owner, illness fighter, volunteer, charity planner etc).

So to get over the fear of death, you must detach yourself from all the roles you have given yourself, and analyse what is left. I actually had to meditate on this for a week or so, way back before the virus, asking myself, who am I? if all my roles disappear what is left? Well…I found out that what is left is your values, your energy, your personality. That’s something that never dies. What you put out there in terms of energy, it circulates in the Universe forever, in the exact form, or transformed and recycled for the better. Once you realise this and make peace with it, you couldn’t care less if you die today or in 50 years. It is a really freeing experience.

2. Fear of lack

Hello hoarder! yes you, I’m looking at you 🙂

Who thought you there is never enough? Why you believed that?

I know, I know, when you were little you were poor and hungry, and there are starving people around the world. So if that was your reality back then when you didn’t have a choice, and if that is the reality for some people you don’t even know personally, then that must be your current reality? Why? Have you took some time for the past years to express just for a few seconds a bit of gratitude?

Gratitude for the lovely meal you just ate, gratitude for the money in the bank you just received. Let me tell you, there is no better weapon agains fear of lack than gratitude.

So please, go ahead, make a list with all the awesome things you’ve experience and continue to experience, and stop focusing on what is not serving you at all. Also, it may be a good idea a bit of house cleaning, organising and donating all of the stuff you haven’t used in a long time. I mean, come on, do you really need all that stuff? Be honest.

Alsooo….giving creates more space for receiving. Let that energy flow.

3. Fear of loneliness

The fear of loneliness is actually related to fear number 1, fear of death, more specifically the death of your social role in society. The more you fear loneliness, the more you need other people for approval, and the need to be noticed by others. Also, the fear of loneliness is a strong indication of your disconnection to Source Energy, or God, or Love or however you want to call it, energy that actually is deep rooted inside of you, but also can be found in nature.

So, maybe it’s time to go for a walk in the park, alone, just to enjoy it, and to notice all the birds, and the bees, and the flowers, and the cats, and the sun, and the sky. Believe me, after an hour in the park, fully present in the moment, you’ll never feel lonely again. Or maybe you will, but you’ll get over it quickly. You can reconnect with yourself and Source Energy also through meditation, sitting quietly in your room for 10 minutes, realising any thoughts. Try it out.

4. Fear for losing your job

Are you worried the economy is going to collapse and lose your job? Or maybe you lost it already.

This fear is again related to number 1, fear of death, more specifically the death of your job title in society. You were used for all these years to be called an engineer, or a sales person, or a chef, and you’ve invested so many years or months in learning that.

Now what?

Well actually it’s not the end of the world. The only thing you need to do is detach yourself from the title you’ve been holding on for so long and be open to other opportunities.

Can you see yourself working in a supermarket? or as a garbage man? why not? what’s wrong with that? you may love doing that, and you may discover you have some skills you never knew about.

4. Fear of getting sick

The fear of getting sick is a strong indicator that you have been neglecting your health lately. Have you nourished your body enough with clean foods and water? What are you addicted to? Alcohol? Cigars? Drugs? Fast food? Sugar? Sitting on the couch like a potato for hours and hours?

Maybe it’s time to change your diet and exercise more. Now it’s a good opportunity to cook your own food.

We are attacked by viruses, bacteria and foreign compounds daily. It’s your daily responsibility to strengthen your immune system, by avoiding sugar and alcohol as much as possible, which creates a good environment for dangerous bacteria to grow, and eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins. It’s your daily responsibility to breath fully, fresh air, to strengthen your lungs.

Also, beware of excess use of cleaning products and antibiotics. These will kill also the bacteria that is good for your body.

Side note: don’t make supplies on canned goods or frozen food. The canned goods are not very healthy and frozen foods are doomed if there is an electricity loss.  I had one for a few hours. It can happen.  A better option would be seeds ( sun flower, chia) , dried legumes (lentils, beans, peas) and dried fruit. They are reach in minerals and vitamins and last for long time.

5. Fear surrounding loved ones

For loved ones there is in discussion two types of situations.

  1. The fear of losing a loved one. Now don’t get me wrong. it’s perfectly normal to mourn after somebody you love and it’s not something pleasant, but if the fear of losing someone is so big that it keeps you awake at night, while they are still next to you , then it is a big problem,, and it is a strong indication of your attachment to others.

It is time to evaluate from where this strong attachment comes from, and to regain your own personal power that you seem to offer to others. Why do you put your heart and emotions in the hands of others? Why do you think you won’t make it on your own? or that there will not be other love like that waiting for you?

Maybe it’s time to meditate on how lovable you actually are, and how deserving you are of love.

2. The fear of being stuck with someone. Do you have annoying family members or partners and now you are stuck with them at home? Well this is a strong indication that all this years you have been avoiding the truth and you have been avoiding facing your dark aspects. The people that most annoy you, and from whom you desperately run away from are your greatest teachers. They are here to show you, that maybe you deserve better and it’s time to move on, or maybe they are acting as a mirror to your deepest wounds that need healing. Don’t get caught up on pointless arguments and fight, These people already know your weaknesses and know exactly what buttons to push. Breathe and observe. Notice. Don’t run. Stay there and listen…and notice. You will have some great insights and epiphanies. And then you will be free, for real.

6. Fear of many other things

Ok, this list is endless but I hope you get the point. it’s time to stop viewing every “bad” event like an attack against you, but more of an opportunity to grow and be a better person.

No one wants you to suffer. Believe me. All the suffering comes from your own perception on things.

Lots of love to you all!







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