How to find God

Whenever I write something on a controversial topic it usually works like this: I gather information from multiple sources through a period of time, (usually a couple of months), through books, documentaries, youtube videos, meditations and dreams. I don’t have a specific intention to do this, it just flows.  And then it happens:

I wake up in the middle of the night or very early in the morning with my mind racing, and receiving information about a new article that I am supposed to write, and all the informations gathered somehow clicks, and the puzzle is finished.  Today it was about God. After all the information arranged in my head, about what I have to write, I looked at the time and it showed 05:50. Without fault, every time this happens, the clock shows a repetitive number, confirming me the Universe supports me. It may be 4:44 or 02:20 or whatever. Usually I get very excited, but this morning I was like, OK, OK, got it. Now let me sleep.

Let’s dive into how to find God.

One day, I was feeling lonely, and wondered if God feels lonely. I wondered if He created us, not to feel so lonely.

The answer is quite the opposite. God felt perfectly fine just being on its own. The moment it started expanding, and dividing, thus separating oneself, that’s how loneliness emerged. The bigger the separation is from the source, the more powerful the feeling of loneliness is.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 20.43.22(Side note: What I find kind of funny right now, is how youtube starting to play this song in this very moment:

It is said that OM is primordial sound) But anyway…

Why God had to separate itself? Well for knowledge, self discovery and expansion. You can see yourself better when you have a mirror of yourself, or several mirrors. Also you learn a lot more about something when you look at it from different perspectives, and angles.

There is an ancient Indian story for this , where God is pictured as an elephant, and described by some blind men , which symbolise all the religions of the world. The men assert the elephant either like a pot (the blind man who felt the elephant’s head), a winnowing basket (ear), a plowshare (tusk), a plow (trunk), a granary (body), a pillar (foot), a mortar (back), a pestle (tail) or a brush (tip of the tail).

So everyone felt something different when touching the elephant (God), but it’s the same elephant.

We all are parts of God, separated from Himself, gathering information about parts of Him. By all, I mean, all humans, aliens, animals, plants, rocks, planets, stars, suns, ALL of IT! Yes God wants to know how it feels to be a rock, or a microbe, or a drop of water.

All the information gathered is stored in a place called the Akashic Records. This is like a huge library, with information gathered from all the beings ever lived in every dimension and plane and body. Google has ton of information on the Akashic Records so I’m not going there.

An other metaphor for God would be a tree, where we all are its leaves. We somehow are separated and individual, as each leaf, but are part of the same tree, and in essence we are the tree. All the sunlight we gather (information, experience, knowledge), we share between us, and use to feed the tree. We are an organism, and we can communicate and share wisdom between us.

So if for example, you as an individual learn something, and in your egotistical mind believe you are keeping it to yourself, guess again!  actually, everything goes into the Akashic Records and stored there. And most of the information is accessible, either conscious throw meditation, or unconscious during sleeping. This explains how the exact same ideas or things are invented by people worlds apart with no contact to one another. So if you find out something wonderful, better not keep it to yourself out of greed. Let it free so we can expand faster.

How God divides itself? Picture a cell or bacteria dividing. In the process, the separated parts forget their Source, and who they really are, which is God. Some religions depicts this as the fall of the angels (Lucifer) and so on. But eventually we all return back to Source, our Home, and start to remember and reconnect.

How God feels like?

This will also be unexpected to you, because a lot of the times He is pictured as some kind of bright light, or happiness and bliss. Some angelic beings are like that, yes, but not God.

Actually God is complete darkness, and silence. It’s a dark void. 

That is why I cannot stress enough by the importance of meditation and quitting the mind. The ancient Egyptians build those dark chambers to meditate in, with no sound and light, so they can connect with God.

Why would you want to connect with a dark void? How can that bring you any good?

Well from my own experience, connecting to God feels like connecting to a battery. You recharge yourself. It’s so quiet, and still, that you feel at peace and at flow. You can finally relax.

And from that point of nothingness, that point of stillness, the desire and power of creating WORLDS emerges. Creation is most powerful from nothing. Because when there is nothing, you can create anything. The possibilities are endless, and are not influenced by anything. You create something complete new. It’s a blank canvas. Or better said, it’s a black canvas, for you to paint on. The Bible describes the power of creation, when God said let there be Light, and there was Light. In that void, it’s that simple. It’s really fun.

How to see God?

Simple. Look in the mirror. Specifically look into your eyes. It is said that the eyes are portals to the soul. Well yes, but more than that, they are portals to God.

Screenshot 2020-04-17 at 21.23.44

I’m going to end this article by actually feeling very grateful for this current lockdown. At night it gets so silent and dark, that I can feel God perfectly and align with Him.

I hope you find this guide helpful on how to hear God, understand Him, see Him and connect with Him.

P.S. I’m calling God, a He, Him, because it’s easier this way, in the explanation,  and it shows respect, for Him and all of us that are Him.  But honestly, it makes no sense to give a gender to a dark void.

Lots of love!



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