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What is like being an empath

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Firstly, what is an empath?

An empath is someone that can sense and feel other people’s emotions, so much that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish their own emotions from others. Or at least that’s how I see it. Here is what the dictionary has to say about it:

  1. (chiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Is it a gift or a curse?

It’s kind of both. Being an empath is a curse, until you become aware you are one. That means you may experience a very intense childhood, or life in general, picking up emotions from family members, friends, lovers, teachers, cartoons and movies, books, and even a 5 second TV commercial, and becoming overwhelmed, crying a lot, laughing a lot, being called oversensitive, overreactive or depressive. The good part is when you get to feel affection, bliss, optimism, joy and all the other good stuff as intense as the rest.

As an empath, you go through a couple of stages:

Stage 1: becoming avoidant or fearful

At first you will do this unconsciously as a coping mechanism, before becoming aware of your “power”.Once you sense how much other people’s energy affect you, you can get scared and you start avoiding them, you start avoiding large crowds, and every time you are forced to encounter them, you feel very uncomfortable.

The worst part is when you have to interact with someone with intense dark energy daily, like when you work in the same office. I remember how some people’s energies were so strong, that I felt anxiety every time they walked in the room, without looking who it was. I knew who it was without looking. When they were in vacation, I felt so peaceful. If the room was a small one, the energy would change so drastically when they walked in, that my ears would start ringing.

Stage 2: not giving a fuck

At some point you get tired of running and you embody your personal power. You are aware you feel all of these emotions, but you are not afraid of them anymore. You allow yourself to feel them if they are too strong, or just observe them and notice. There were days when I would walk through the subway and feel around me, anxiety, sadness, happiness, and being OK, OK, OK, I can see you, but I chose to be me today. But there are also days when I just can’t handle it. For example if there is a large protest and everybody is angry and hateful, it crashes me. I need a day or two to recover. When the virus starting spreading more and more, the fear was so powerful around me, that I had to lock myself down in the house, cry, and pray. I had a bit of fear in me as well, which I can handle easily. But it’s too much to feel the fear of an entire country.

Stage 3: transmutation

Once you figure out how to not let other’s people energy affect you, now you can start to heal it. So you gradually learn how to move it, send it, receive it, express it, recycle it, transform it. My favourite way of transforming energy /emotion is through art, like dancing and painting.

At first you can feel only the energies near you, like when you are having a face to face conversation with someone. The more you become conscious of your own thoughts and feelings, you can start to feel someone’s energy at a distance. Currently I can feel when someone is thinking of me with intensity, and also can feel what kind of energy is she/he sending me: if it’s loving, angry, hateful or lustful. For me it is very obvious when this happens. Let’s say I’m cooking, minding my own business, and feeling peaceful, and my energy is constant. If all of sudden some person pops in my head, and my energy shifts completely, then I start t question myself: is this me or someone else?

Can I read minds?

No. I cannot read thoughts, but I can feel emotions and I can tell if someone has good or bad intentions. It is also very easy to recognise deceit. Sometimes the lie can be minor, but I don’t know what it is about. I just know a secret exists so sometimes it’s hard not to think of the worst scenarios.

The deceit doesn’t bother me that much, I mean lots of people have secrets, unless, someone tries to push their lie on me or others, and do their best to convince of their lie, with showing  “proof”.  From that point I have two choices:

run/ignore or stay.

1.When do I run/ ignore: I usually do this if I sense there is a very large block inside that person that won’t allow healing or help, at that specific moment ( either in this week, month, year or lifetime). That block usually is a lesson that person may have to learn the hard way or has a specific mission or contract and you cannot interfere. So even if I see their true emotions and intentions towards me or others, and decide to “attack” them with love, compassion and understanding…it will have no affect on them. There is no progress or change. I do it anyway, at first. But even tho my supply of unconditional love can be infinite, once I connect to Divine Source Energy (God), it must be used with wisdom.  Love still remains the most powerful energy in the Universe, but it’s not wise to force something when it’s not the time. For a lot of people, love is extremely overwhelming. It’s like planting a seed, and expecting it to make fruit the next day. You can watch it grow with patience and love it along the way, and it will grow a bit faster, but still on it’s own time.

2. When do I stay: I usually stay or respond, when I feel that person is kind of ready for a shift, either small or large, and it is open to at least learn about love, compassion and understanding. Every time they lie, deceive, say hurtful and angry words, I process them, usually the next days or period, I forgive, and I send them unconditional love. This helps me test my patience, forgiveness abilities, and my connection to Divine Source. I also practice focusing on their positive aspects, because this is how the healing occurs. When you focus on something it becomes reality. So I find it a win-win. They become a better person and I become a better person. As time passes by, there is no need for me to leave. Usually they leave, and I let them.

Unfortunately most people are not even aware of their true intentions. This happens when they are dedicated to serving the self, and they perceive people, animals and plants, as objects or self extensions to serve their own personal needs or use them for personal recognition or gain. If you want to test your good intentions, to see if they are actually pure, ask yourself if you would still do them in secret, or if you would still do them towards a person you don’t like, or if would still do them even if you gain absolutely nothing out of it, or all of these at once.

Is being an empath lonely?

Hell yeah! It can get very lonely. But I’m lucky to have discovered meditation, and connecting to Divine Source Energy (God) and other beautiful beings, animals, trees, the sun, the sky the flowers. Unfortunately so far, I never felt true unconditional love from an other human on this planet, directed and focused towards me. Maybe you know me, and feel  offended right now, but that’s just how I feel. You may feel admiration towards me, for my accomplishments or talents (I felt that, so thank you), you may feel romantic or attracted towards me, wanting to hold me and kiss me and hug me(I felt that, so thank you) you may feel grateful towards me, for something I helped you in the past or I offered you (also felt that, so thank you) , but if I would curse YOU and disrespect you and lie to you,  and cheating and stealing behind YOUR back, taking advantage of you, or simply not care what are you doing at all, would you send me unconditional love? I let you answer that to yourself. This is nothing to be sad about. That’s just the dominant energy on Earth right now. Unconditional love is just starting to grow, more and more. I’m very optimistic. I actually did felt unconditional love from certain “people”, or let’s say souls incarnated in bodies on this plane, but it was in the spirit realm, or dream world.

I know it’s not easy sending unconditional love every time, to every one. I can’t do it all the time. I’m still human myself, and learning. Also,  as I said, sometimes, it is with no use, and sometimes, it is just too hard. And that’s ok.

Are you born an empath ? Can everyone become one?

Yes and yes. If you want to become an empath, you need to become self aware of your thoughts. To dim their noise down and quiet the mind through meditation, and discover God. To allow yourself to feel emotions, first your own, and then to sense the ones in others, by fully opening your heart. Unfortunately you cannot feel unconditional love, and all the other good stuff, without feeling it all! Once you open that channel, it goes deep. You will feel everything, anger, sadness, disappointment, hate, disgust. It can be extremely painful. But that’s the beauty of life. You come here to live it, to feeeeel it, to experience it, and not to be a walking robot.

Much love to you all!






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