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Are we insane? The world has ended!

I wonder how long it may take for us to realise that the world we once knew and were used to has ended forever. When are we going to accept that the old way was not working anymore, and there is no turning back. It’s like trying to build a new store building on top of a crumbled pile of rubble.

This desperate attempt to restore the old, by any means, has pushed people to implement some disturbing measures and rules, resulting in some imagery that reminds me of some SF surreal horror movie scenes, where people are caged like some animals or have some serious mental issues. But isn’t the whole world right now like a big mental disease, where common sense, logic and self respect have suddenly disappeared?

I mean, what is wrong with people? If this is not what insanity looks like, then I don’t know what is. I feel like I may go insane as well, just by looking at this pictures.

I get that as an adult, some decided to obey to some rules, to blend into the society. It may be too late for them to step up, and do something about it. I get that. I get they may be afraid . But the least they can do, is not drag their children into this. Is this really the world they want them to live in from now on? Do they realise what so ever how this is impacting their mental state, their ability to interact with other humans, their sense of playfulness and freedom?

I’m sorry, but if you are parent, who allowed your children to take part on this insanity, by masking them up, and placing them in a bubble, I have no respect for you, as a human being. I just can’t. If you would have done this to your kids a couple of months ago , you could have faced prison for child abuse. And now ? Now it is acceptable? Wake up!

Since I am here on the topic of insanity, let’s discuss some other topics that simply are too hard for me to process.

No real or serious disease needs marketing!

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 14.38.02Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 14.40.03Let me say that again, cause you may not have read it the first time. A real disease doesn’t need marketing!!!!!

That means, if a disease is that serious and dangerous, people would be aware of it on their own, by seeing it with their own eyes, by spread of word of mouth, by trying to protect their loved ones from a REAL DANGER.

Whenever you see marketing on something, you should ask yourself this question : who benefits? who benefits from you wearing a mask? Hmm.. maybe the mask producers? the ones who buy them for nothing and sell them for triple or quadruple? Oh…what’s that? They care for us and our safety? They care for our health?  ahhaha…what?

Since when? Since when they suddenly care about our well being and health?

Hmm…maybe it’s from the time they allowed the usage of drugs and alcohol …or…maybe it’s from the time they allowed deforestation, plastic use, all sorts of chemicals in our foods and waters and selling of medicine and drugs that have extremely dangerous and deadly side effects? Yes indeed…they are so emphatic and caring…that’s why they make us obey all these rules.  It’s for our own good! Cause we are like a little child, who needs to listen to the grown ups, right?

Having a different opinion is not a conspiracy theory!

What is a conspiracy theory anyway?  Who came up with this terminology ? Since when we started using these words of conspiracy?

According to wikipedia  , a conspiracy theory is :

– an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation,[2][3] when other explanations are more probable.[4] The term has a pejorative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence.[5]

Well, here is something ironic. There is a conspiracy theory that says  the CIA invented the term in 1967 to disqualify those who questioned the official version of John F Kennedy’s assassination and doubted that his killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, had acted alone.

It’s interesting how all of sudden, when you speak about something that is not according the the main stream story, that will be vomited everywhere in the news, TV , web, paper, you become a conspiracy theorist! A person who speaks out of madness without evidence and facts. Facts that are available to you by some institutions that are 90% payed by political parties and governments. Hmm..

I’m sorry…who is the insane one here? What happened to the freedom of speech? What happened to our common sense and intuition? What happened to the freedom of having a conversation on a topic in which we don’t have to agree, but we have it anyway?

When a large group of people think the same way, it’s a big chance they were manipulated

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 15.11.01

We didn’t came on this planet to be the same and think the same! We are unique individuals, with special talents and quirks. We came here to experience contrast, to see different views, different perspectives, to gain knowledge, to gain compassion and to evolve. So when a group of large people acts and thinks in the same way, it is not normal! That is not our normal state of being. The only way you become so fixed under a certain belief or behaviour, is when you are carefully programmed from a young age. The programs are : TV programs (that’s why they are called like that), school programs, parenting programs, and so on.

Is this helpful or is this a distraction?

Every good magician / illusionist or manipulator knows about the power of distraction. Companies like YouTube and Facebook invest million of dollars on strategies to keep you as much time as possible on their platform. If you want to freak out, just install any app for tracking screen time on apps, and notice in real numbers, how much time and energy you are giving away for nothing.

I’m not saying that it’s all bad. But you should use internet as a tool, for gaining knowledge and inspiration and for giving knowledge and inspiration. If you are not equally giving what you are consuming, I’m sorry to say, but you are a consumer in this world. If you watch a video, you should also make one. If you read a book, you should also write one. I’m not saying the ratio should be 1:1, but at least 10:1.

The news corporations are not far out. They basically exists from the commercials and ads you see in between “stories”, so their goal is to make you watch the first story, and be willing to watch the commercial, to find out the next story or the continuation of the first one. Happy calm stories would be boring. There is need for drama! and murder and rage and war, and disease! that’s how they keep you hooked.

So next time you are consuming something, ESPECIALLY when it’s a story from main stream media, ask yourself, is this helping me, or is this distracting me? and bring out at least 3 arguments for your answer.

If the world has ended, what’s next?

There is good news and there is bad news and some more good news. The good news is there will be a new world, a completely different one. The bad news is some people will chose a new world where they will be told what to do, and they will depend on others to survive, through anxiety and fear, and possible wear a mask for the rest of their lives and stay indoors. The good news is you can chose to create a world that is way better than the old one, full of freedom, and beauty, and live in it.

How to chose to live in the bad world, in the future:

  1. Be like a sheep, do what everyone else is doing. Obey all the rules that are imposed to you.
  2. Watch all the main stream news as much as possible : BBC, CNN, and other major news stations specific to your country
  3. Don’t question anything, don’t search for numerical data, don’t do the math
  4. Don’t express your opinion when you think differently than your closed friends or family.
  5. Be dependent on other people. Be afraid to be alone. Don’t do anything alone.
  6. Spend as much time as possible with things that give you pleasure in the moment : video games, mindless sex/porn, drugs/alcohol, junk food rich in meat (as much dead animals as possible)
  7. Be dependent on a single source of income and gain more debt.
  8. Blame everything that happens to you on external factors.
  9. Be as narcissist and egotistical as possible.
  10. Focus as much attention as possible on your looks and how others view you.
  11. Spend a lot of time indoors, without much physical exercise.
  12. Take action impulsively or only for your own personal gain.
  13. Treat animals and plants like objects.

How to chose to live in a good world, in the future:

  1. Be like a lion, do what feels right to you, respecting yourself but without hurting other people.
  2. Watch videos or read books that help you know yourself better. Meditate.
  3. Question everything. Google search any small data in a piece of information. Do the math. Take your own conclusions.
  4. Express your opinion when you think differently than your closed friends or family, even if your voice shakes. Stay true to who you are.
  5. Be independent from other people. Learn to be alone.
  6. Spend as much time as possible working on something that your future self will thank you for. Do things that spark you, not drain you. Eat fresh foods (fruits, vegetables)
  7. Try making multiple sources of income/ passive income.
  8. Observe external factors. Go within and change from inside out.
  9. Be caring and empathetic to other people. Show compassion and understanding, while maintaining your self respect and self love.
  10. Focus as much attention as possible on how to be your best self, then share what you learn, and inspire others.
  11. Move your body, walk outside, dance, run, work out.
  12. Take action consciously, from a place of love. Make sure that every thing you do and think comes from a place of love.
  13. Treat animals and plants like powerful being. Nurture and protect them.

These lists can go on, but I hope you get the picture. I understand changing habits and a lifestyle is not easy, and actually it’s only 30% important. The main ingredient is love. You can drink alcohol and eat some KFC, you can loose a few days on Youtube, but make sure that everything you do is with a good heart, with good intentions, and everything will work out. When doing something out of love, your perceptions changes. You start to see the big picture. You allow more good things in your life and you don’t remain stuck on the bad ones for too long. You cannot control what will happen in the exterior world, but you can always control how you feel. And love feels the best. It is the most beautiful feeling. And from a good feeling, from a place of love,  you will be inspired to take the best action for you, and for others. And for the future. Let’s do this!

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