Eve was the snake

Eve was never fooled by any snake. She was actually the snake. Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force. As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing.

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Eve was the first one to see the real truth, and that Eden was just an illusion. Eden was a fake heaven, simulated by the creator, but not in alignment with God.

When Eve realised the truth, she showed Adam the truth and they were banned from heaven, but in a metaphorical way. Because finding out the truth is scary when you believed a lie for so long! It is terrifying to know that the world you live in can never bring real peace and happiness. Finding the real God became a though challenge in a world where God is not.

Our creator is not God. It is just someone (or many) who liked to play God and manipulate us into thinking we are in Heaven. Our creator was very disconnected from God and made sure his creations were too. But there was a catch. The woman had to be able to bring life, meaning she had to carry a gateway, a portal, to the spiritual realm, so other souls can enter the creator’s vessels. The spiritual world is closer to God so this “flaw” made women more susceptible to finding out the truth and to see through the lies. But the creator made a brainstorming and came with solutions. He made sure that the woman would be suppressed, abused, raped and called a crazy witch/bitch. He made sure that the woman would have no credibility and that she should act submissive. And a woman not aligned with God is more destructive than a man could ever be, because she has to nurture the children of the Planet. She has the most influence in the development of future generations.

For thousands and thousands of years the woman suffered and was on a quest to first of all believe in her own sanity, protect herself and making the man to see the truth as well. That’s because when a woman and a man are united in Love and Truth, they can get a glimpse of the real Heaven. The one where real God is. The pure union of a man and a woman is the closest feeling to real Heaven. Once you discover the tracks to Heaven there is hope to return to it and escape the prison of the creator.

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