A conversation with Christ

Today, on Christmas day, I felt the Christ (Kristos) energy closer than usual, so I was able to connect to it, and ask multiple questions. The answers really gave me a strong sense of peace, and I wanted to share the conversation through this medium. Enjoy!

Me: “What’s the purpose in meeting people who lie, deceive and manipulate you, if you only had good intentions towards them? Are you supposed to help them in some way? to show them that not all people are like them?”

Christ: “No, it is never about them. It is so you can learn forgiveness and unconditional love”

Me: “Yes…but…what is the purpose in learning to love them unconditionally…if they continue to behave like before…and continue to suffer like that…”

Christ: “They don’t suffer like you do. They actually feel really good when they do what they do.”

Me: …..

Christ: ” After such encounter you will be so free. if you can love someone like that, you can love anything and anyone.”

Me: “That’s why Jesus came to Earth planet?”

Christ: “Yes…mostly. Beings on this planet are at the lowest that there is. If you can learn to love and forgive them as they are, and no matter how they act, you can love and forgive anything in the Universe.”

Me: ” But…I thought that if you can offer someone unconditional love, you can somehow open up their heart and make them a better person..a happier person”

Christ: “They will continue to be happy by doing what they do. But their happiness won’t change the world in any way. It is a happiness that only feeds the false persona, the temporary character/actor and not the soul. If you think an hour feels temporary you should see how temporary your whole life will seem after you die. It will feel just like a second. A blink of an eye. That’s why it’s important not to seek happiness in anything that doesn’t involve the soul and the heart. A happiness that results from acting from your heart with love and with good intentions can indeed change the world and it lasts for eternity . The promised eternal Heaven is in your heart. That’s why it’s important to learn how to love anyone and anything, from the heart.”

Me: ” How can the world change for the better as long as these people exist that can never be changed?”

Christ: “They exist…but there are also people who are not like that. People who can feel and need this energy, and want to learn to act also from the heart. People who are more open. You don’t have to know these people personally. It happens at a distance. We are all connected anyway.”

Me: ” But wouldn’t the happiness be stronger if we can meet people that loves us back the same way?”

Christ: ” Yes it would. But that’s the next level. To get there you have to learn first how to love on your own, and to be 100% only from your side, so you can get to know your feelings and your capacity to love. If you would also receive, without being ready, you may get lost in what you receive, and forget to give back.”

Me: ” So in fact you cannot heal just anyone, no matter how connected to God you are..”

Christ: ” That is correct. Some people don’t want to be connected to God. The more time apart from God they spend, the more painful is the returning, because they have to acknowledge and take responsibility for every action they have done towards others. That is real Hell. There is no judge more cruel than yourself. That being said, it is easier for them to stay away from God, because they can continue to harm others or themselves without feeling bad about it, more so, even feeling good about it.”

Me: “But is there any hope for them? will they ever return?”

Christ: “We can never know. Everyone has free will. Some do return, with baby steps, across many many lifetimes, some do it overnight. There is always hope, but it’s important not to make decisions regarding your own path, based on what they may decide. “

Me: ” Thank you so much!”

Christ: ” Much love to you! Thank you!”

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