My experience with dreams

Not many people pay attention to their dreams. Some consider them to be some weird and random depictions that our brain creates based on day to day experiences, some forget them as fast as they wake up, and some remember them quite vividly but don’t take the time to analyse them too much.

For many years, I was in one of these categories , until I read somewhere that actually, while we sleep, our spirit leaves the body, traveling to other dimensions, other realms or time frames and meeting with other spirits, having conversations or doing something together.

I’ve also stumbled upon the concept of astral projection,  an out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an “astral body” that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe, especially while sleeping. Some experience astral projection by accident and some intentionally by practicing every night different techniques.

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After becoming aware of this possibility, I started to pay more attention to my dreams, and even write them down immediately after waking up. I noticed that right after waking up I remember vividly each detail, and the memory starts to fade more and more throughout the day until I completely forget about them. Sometimes, I see a picture or a word that triggers my dream back to memory and I take advantage to write it down, because I consider it must be even more important since I’m reminded of it again.

I don’t have many dreams each night that take my attention, but there where periods in my life where I had many of them that stood out. Lately I started to have a lot of dreams again so I decided to write this article about it and to share all of my experience with dreams and what I have learned and noticed.

  1. The dream world is full of symbols

The dream world is so complex and multifaceted that our brain cannot decipher or interpret things as they are, so it translates them into objects that we are familiar with in this earth plane-time period. Think about it this way. If you would go back in time 2000 years and show the people of that time an airplane, they would call it a big bird and see it as one.

The purpose of the symbols is not to make sense of the worlds in which your soul travels (which you cannot do anyway), but to translate and decipher your subconscious. For this you can use a dream dictionary and seek the meaning for each thing you dream about. For example, if you dream of a cow, it may mean the following:

“Seeing cow in a dream from a spiritual perspective indicates that there is a deep unconscious desire to progress in life.”

2. Glimpses from past lives

I remember a lot of dreams in which I was myself, but not in this body. In some dreams I was in a man body, in a different time period. For example I was a writer somewhere in the UK in the 18th century, a construction worker in New York in the 19th century trying to catch a tram with 2 friends of mine (which I didn’t recognise) or lived on a farm , had a sister , and ran away from home because of my father.

In one dream I was on an other planet, which was very similar to this one, and I was working as a maitanance guy to check electricity panels in buildings.

The list can go on…

Sometimes when I meet a new person in this life, I have a dream where it shows who we were in a different lifetime, and it explains our current relationship. Basically the dynamic is the same, only the roles are switched.

3. Current world events / premonitions

It happened to me multiple times to dream about a certain event as it happened in real time somewhere in the world. Once I had a dream that I was in Denmark and a tsunami was approaching. The people (and myself) were really scared and had to flee. After waking up I found out at the news that there were a lot of floods that night in various cities in Denmark.

An other time I dreamed that we were attacked by a carnivore dinosaur, a sort of T-rex, but a lot smaller (kind of a bit taller than a human). After waking up, I saw on the news a new type of dinosaur was discovered that had the exact description as in my dream.

I honestly don’t enjoy these type of dreams. They are really scary for me, and I don’t find them helpful. It’s like checking in with world news on disasters. We already have that each day on TV.

4. Re-kindle old friendships

It happened a lot of times to dream about a specific person I haven’t talked to in a long time. After waking up and asking how they are, they most of the times tell me they were thinking of me too.

5. Immense sense of freedom

Sometimes I have these incredible fantastic dreams, where I fly above beautiful landscapes, by myself or on top of a big bird /dragon. I dance freely in outer-space and make all sorts of twists and swirls in the air. I walk in snowy places and feeling warm without many clothes on me. I travel by train in some incredible places (that are similar to Earth but 10 times more beautiful), or travel by foot on top of mountains.

6. Heal your fear of dying

I’ve experienced once, by accident , astral projection, seeing myself out of the body, then going back inside it, with immense force, and waking up. After such experience you realise that you are much more than your body and not limited to it. It’s a wonderful feeling to see that our conciseness remains beyond that.

7. Receive/give advice

I remember I had many dreams where I met some people (some that I know in real life, some that I don’t) that gave me some very good advice regarding a situation or we simply had a conversation that brought light to something I didn’t understand. I like to call these people guides, and sometimes I am the one acting as a guide to others. The exchange is very useful for both parties.

8. Meeting people/animals who died

If you dream of a person or animal who died, and on top of that you realise in the dream that they are dead and you are surprised that you are seeing them, that means you are actually meeting with them in the spirit form, and you can take advantage to catch up with them or talk about things you didn’t have the opportunity to do in this life.

9. Random dreams

I would also like to mention some dreams that don’t fall in any of the category above:

-Once I was climbing a mountain with a woman (I didn’t know), and the sunset was really beautiful but had different colours than normal (yellow with purple). I took out my phone to take pictures but it simply didn’t work. Then the woman told me : “You cannot take pictures of the simulation.”

-Going into an elevator that went with immense speed high in the sky. There I met with lots of teachers standing at a big table that evaluated me. I actually have this type of meeting pretty often in my dreams and each time I take an elevator. I don’t enjoy these meetings very much because some of these teachers are kind of strict and expect me to act in a certain way.

-Dreaming of petting wild animals. I pet owls, cuddled with wolves and took walks with bears.

Side note: Before ending this article I would also like to note that the current reality is also a type of dream state full of symbols. If for example you see a ladybug everywhere or you keep hearing a repetitive word or number, that’s a sign from the Universe and you can search for its meaning in dream dictionaries, numerology or animal totems descriptions.

Much love to you all!

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