The art of becoming nothing

After we are born, we receive an identity established by society, a name, a sex, a religion, a nationality and a set of rules and traditions to obey.

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As children we are not very aware of these things, living life in the present moment, playing, dreaming, having fun, discovering new things, being curious, asking questions and exploring without judgement.

As time passes by, and we are enrolled into societal groups, like family, kindergarden, school, collage or directly to a work environment to earn money, we forget how we were at the beginning of the journey, and get very emotional involved in the societal identity. We may get bullied and judged for having a certain name, religion, or nationality, giving it a lot more importance that we should. We get attached to traditions, and setting unrealistic standards like having a certain amount of possessions before a certain age, or getting married and having children before we are ready, without questioning if this is what we really want and if this is what really makes us happy.

The more attached to these material/sociatal rules we get, the more suffering we will face because of competition.

In society, competition is something not only accepted, but promoted. We start to envy what others have or if they are ahead of us in terms of societal “success”.

Our higher self and soul doesn’t want for us to get so emotional involved in these “hunger games”. These are just distractions from our higher purpose, like learning compassion, kindness, honesty, love and joy.

First we will have opportunities to learn this the easy way. Encountering all sorts of nice people with good hearts, having the opportunity to travel, to spend time in nature, with animals, with friends, to reconnect to who we really are. If we do not open our eyes to see the truth, and fully appreciating them, then we will have to face our lessons the hard way, with multiple attacks towards our ego, or identity.

We may get bullied, shamed, treated unfairly, being rejected/abused, taken for granted, being criticised, loosing possessions, loosing health, status, money, relationships, contracts. Basically anything related to society rules/traditions and material wealth.

These lessons are very hard to swallow because there will be panic, feeling like a victim, feeling anger, hate and even seeking revenge : ” how dare they? don’t they know who I am?” . From this perspective, you won’t be able to see that all is done for your highest good, to not take your persona / identity so seriously (since it is temporary anyway), and to return to your true self (the one you were as a child), who is free, who goes with the flow and likes to play and have fun.

If the lesson becomes clear, suddenly from the effort of becoming someone, and succeeding something, you start to follow the path of becoming nothing. In other words, you start to strip down all the characteristics of your persona (name, status, job title etc) so you can uncover who you really are. What sparks you? What makes you happy? What makes you passionate? What gives you peace? What you love? Who you love?

So, whenever you feel like life is treating you unfairly or you have a lot of “bad luck”, ask yourself: “are these obstacles attacking my spirit or my persona/ego self?”

Believe it or not, the answer will always be the later, because your spirit can never be attacked by anything. Your spirit is always protected being unconditionally happy. Your spirit is the direct connection to God, love truth and wisdom.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you have to erase everything and live in a cave. I’m just saying don’t get so attached to who you are in society. Even if most of the societal rules are just illusions and a joke to your spirit, you still should respect the illusion by taking part of it. Just remember to have fun in everything you do and learn as much as you can. Life is short and the identity you were given is just temporary.

Much love to you all!

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