My intake on vaccination

This is going to be a very short article. Probably one of the shortest I’ve ever written.

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A free person is entitled to make their own decisions regarding their own body.


Step 1. Stop searching for information to support the decision you have already made in your head to feel better about yourself.

Step 2. Stick to your decision regardless of what everyone thinks and move on with your life.

Step 3. Accept that there will be people that will make the same decision as you and people who won’t, and that it is perfectly normal.

Step 4. Stop trying to convince others that your decision is the best. (It is probably not anyway)

Step 5. Stop blaming other peoples decisions if something doesn’t go as you planned it in your head.

Step 6. Remember It’s ok to change your mind overnight if you feel like it.

Step 7. If nothing different happens after you made the decision and you are as miserable, maybe chose something else to consume your energy on next time.


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