Love and Relationships

Emotional unavailable people don’t exist

Nowadays a lot of people blame the failure of their relationships on the emotional unavailable partner. A partner who is not willing to commit, to put in the effort, to express any emotion, intimacy, or even emphathy.

But the problem is not the fact that your partner is emotional unavailable. The problem is that you and your partner operate in a different range of emotions. Basically they also have emotions, but very different than your own. Let me explain further:

Every emotion has a frequency value measured in Hertz. Attraction and emotional connection is a lot stronger and more powerful when two people have in their energy field similar frequencies.

If one of the partners expresses and feels most of the time emotions like joy, peace, love and neutrality, and the other partner expresses and feels most of the time emotions like fear, grief, anger or pride, they will become emotional incompatible, unable to connect and understanding each other, feeling like they speak a total different language, thus creating a lot of misunderstandings. Even if you are in the same room, it will feel like you never get to connect, almost like spending time with a ghost or an invisible person.

If you live at a distance, it may feel like you are avoiding each other, or there is always something or someone interfering between you, when in fact it is just a vibrational difference in the two partners, repelling each other energetically.

If at the beginning the connection was a lot stronger, it may be because of certain circumstances that made one or both of you to be in a very different emotional range than usual. Maybe one of you was going through a break up or loss in the family, maybe one of you had recently got a promotion at work. Basically any event that caused a temporary emotional disruption of the persons usual range.

Each day we all can go through a multiple range of emotions of course, but at the core we all have a stable value of frequency in which we operate and we can calculate.

For example, if a person during a week time feels and expresses 50 % Anger, 20 % Pride and 10 % Joy and 20 % Neutrality , then their overall frequency in a week would be of 50*150/100+20*175/100+10*540/100+ 20*250/100 = 214

If their partner feels and expresses during a week time : 40% Peace, 10 % Acceptance, 10% Anger , 20% Courage and 20 % Neutrality , then their overall frequency in a week would be 40*600/100+10*350/100+10*150/100+20*200/100+20*250/100=380

And most likely they will feel more attracted to meet and talk, when both are in the Anger or Neutrality frequencies which they have in common, or when their overall frequency level in a day is very similar.

This also easily explains the chemistry you have with someone : ” oh I like their vibe!”, ” oh I like we get angry at the same things”, ” oh I like how they listen to me” etc.

And of course these rules apply not only in romantic relationships, but also in friendships and family or work relationships.

People on planet Earth operate mostly in the halfway down range of frequencies, because of so many obstacles, stress, fears, money problems, health problems etc that prevent them from being too happy or at peace.

Because of this, the moment you start living a more peaceful or joyful life (like doing more of what you love, meditating, spending more time in nature etc), you will notice how your friend circle will become smaller and smaller, you make break up with your partner, lose or change jobs or overall have a lot of unstable relationships , with people that come and go very often.

This will happen in the transition period, when you will still have moments of lower frequencies. The more you practice feeling and expressing the higher frequencies, the more likely it will be to attract people that operate the same as you most of the time, and that can stay there with you for longer.

Much love to you all!

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