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How to predict the future

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If you like how you feel in the present moment and you are very happy and content, keep doing what you are doing daily. You don’t even need to worry about the future. You can click out of this article right now.

If you don’t like your present moment but you hope for a different future , keep reading.

Predicting the future is really easy.

If you want to know your future, just take a look at your present and you will see your future. Unless you do something about it.

The outer circumstances do change, yes. But the overall emotions you feel on a daily basis, will be the same in the future. Unless you do something about it.

For prediciting the future on a larger scale it is the same principle, only it is measured in a larger group, a colective. If the overall emotions of a large group is a certain way in the present moment, the future will be the same. Unless people start doing something about it. And it can start with you.

What can you do about it?

First of all, find out what are your emotions on a daily basis in the current time. How are you feeling right now? Are you feeling sad, bored, disappointed, scared, happy, relaxed, passionate, joyful etc? Well good. That’s your future. Unless you do something about it.

Next step : ask yourself what actions are you willing to take today or right in this moment, to change your overall emotions?

If you take an easy action, like for example, deciding to watch a Netflix show. How will that make you feel? well probably relaxed or entertained and bored or whatever feeling depending on what you are watching. But it’s up to you if you are ok with feeling entertained/bored in the present or future, instead of joyful and at peace.

How long can a certain feeling last each day? Until you go to sleep at night or take a nap.

Sleeping resets our emotions. As you wake up you can decide what direction your emotions will take. Most of the times people decide to feel the same emotions, because of their daily habits. If for example first thing in the morning you are used to surf the internet on your phone, watch the news , and feeling stressed and upset, well that is what you will also do and feel in the future.

If you want to change your future, change your daily routine. It’s enough to simply do the same things in a different order. That can cause a shift in the emotions you are feeling each day.

The emotions we feel each day, attract circumstances and opportunities in our envirnement that supports them.

If you are feeling sad right now, you will encounter sad things around you to support that. Unless you do something about it.

Ideas with actions that can shift your daily emotions:

  • Go outside for a walk with no plan
  • Wake up earlier/later than you usually do
  • Start your day in a different order than usual
  • Drink coffee instead of tea or vice-versa if you drink that daily. Drink a different type of tea, or coffee than usual.
  • Buy a random book and read it
  • Open a random article and read it ( not the ones you usually read)
  • Try a new recipe you haven’t tried before (something foreign)
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long long time
  • Start a new hobby
  • Do body exercises in a different way or using different body parts. If you usually run, walk. If you usually dance, do gymnastics or yoga and so on

You got the idea. The point is to not force yourself in doing something you do not like. Just maintain the things you like but spice things up. Change the routine. Change the order in things. Because let’s face it. Stagnant energy and emotions can make our souls cry inside. We need excitement, we need something to feed our spirits, something to make us feel alive and worth living. Make the shift, take notes of your emotions and see the magic unfold. Life is so magical. Open your eyes and see.

Much love to you all!

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