I had this realisation today about the power of duality and I feel it is a very important message that needs to get out there.

I want you to take a coin and a marker and draw one side of the coin.

Now imagine you are that coin.

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You see, each time you make an act of kindness, the clean side of the coin gets cleaner.

Each time you do an act of harm, the dirty side of the coin gets dirtier.

If you decide to follow the clean path of the coin, which most people think it is the correct way to go, you are making the cleaner side of the coin stronger, but equally, you are making the dirty side of the coin dirtier, and equally strong.

You see, in this world there is duality. You cannot experience love, without experiencing hate. And vice-versa. If one dies, the other one dies too. If one exists, the opposite must exist with the same intensity. How can you define one or the other without creating its opposite?

The more you follow one path, and become stronger in love, compassion, forgiveness and so on, an equally part of you exists in the world, equally strong in hate, envy and aggressiveness. If you deny to accept this side of the coin inside yourself, then that side will manifest in the form of other people, who will be very drown to you and orbit in your surroundings.

When you start to heal, and release parts of yourself that you do not like, those parts are not destroyed, they just manifest in a different form or person in the world.

When you clean your house, all the dust and garbage does not evaporate. It is just transported to an other place. And that garbage eventually returns to you, in the form of soil or air pollution. The best compost for plants is made out of dead scraps and excrements. The plants do not reject the garbage. They thrive out of it. They also thrive from the “clean” and pure elements, from water and sun.

When there is a country full of peace, a war starts in the other side of the world.

Same goes the other way around. When someone choses the path of “evil”, deceiving and doing harm on others, rejecting the good in themselves, that good does not go away. They will attract the most kind and forgiving people in their lives that will cause them a really hard time.

We are not separate. We are just the same coin, moving parts of ourselves from one place to the other.

Some of us are scared of the dark side of life and try to avoid it. We tell the truth , we love, we forgive and run away from people who are not like that. We say they are toxic. In the same way the “toxic” ones can’t stand the “good” people. They are annoyed by them. They cannot understand them and their ways. They judge them, hate them and even envy them.

Ironically, feeding one side of the coin, equally feeds the other side and they both become equally powerful. The more powerful they get, the more they try to destroy their opponent, because the coin becomes like a magnet with perfectly opposing poles, negative and positive. If both sides would be mixed with negative and positive, in acceptance, it would be a balance. But once each side becomes 100% positive and 100% negative or close to that, they will try to destroy and control each other. And this is a war where nobody wins. You cannot win against yourself. Love cannot win against hate and vice-versa, when they are one and the same, just different sides of the story.

The solution? Acceptance.

You cannot avoid this. You cannot experience peace without experience anger, you cannot experience happiness without experiencing sadness, you cannot experience hate without experiencing love . Believe or not some people enjoy anger very much. It makes them feel powerful. To avoid one side of the coin would mean to just avoid it all. To live in a complete void, where there s absolutely nothing. No love, no hate, no peace, no nothing. That is the only way, but this life is not build like that. Maybe only in death we can find that void, but it is not a guarantee.

So take a step back, and see the whole coin. Accept the coin as it is. If you want to clean one side , fine. If you want to draw more on the other side, fine But remember, it will eventually come and bite you, like a snake eating its own tail. Nothing disappears, it just gets misplaced, for a temporary time.

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