True Colors

True Colors – Part 3

And he left. He met his teachers, 

Other Pos and other creatures. 

He learned so much things and wonders, 

That forgot about the colors. 

Slowly they became more structured, 

Closing in and being nurtured 

By some building blocks of stone, 

Merged into a single tone. 

After years of things and wonders, 

He chose working with the numbers. 

From the vast structure and logic, 

Numbers had a bit of magic. 

He was best at knowing numbers, 

For himself and teaching others. 

But one day, while public speaking, 

He was called up in a meeting, 

There he was, his master teacher, 

With his best friend  Mapoliter. 

And at first they asked him this: 

‘Have you heard of Kathardhis?’ 

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