True Colors – Part 4

‘No’ he said, ‘is it a dish?’ 

‘It’s a land, beyond the fish’. 

Far more than you can conceive, 

And it’s urgent, you must leave. 

Po was startled: ‘That sounds scary! 

I have been so ordinary. 

What’s to do a Po like me, 

In that place? I need my tea..’ 

‘Don’t you worry’, said the master. 

‘It’s just chaos, not disaster. 

Everyone is full of color, 

There’s no structure, there’s no order.’ 

‘It’s a mission, with no borders. 

You must go and teach them numbers. 

It’s important, it’s a cause. 

Help them focus, cause they’re lost!’ 

‘You are right! Oh my dear.. 

I must act in spite of fear. 

I will go and teach them numbers, 

They’ll be structured like no others.’ 

‘Oh my boy, you’ll make it through, 

I am very proud of you! 

Take the books and take the knowledge. 

Share it like a bowl of porridge. 

Published by lauradogariu

Hi! my name is Laura and it’s so nice to meet you! On this website I share stories, passions and insights I gained after struggles. Some of my passions I’ve managed to materialize in the form of an online shop or YouTube Channel. So here they are: >at TreasureFriends you can find printable art and greeting cards, featuring funny and cute animal portraits on colorful backgrounds: >at EvergreensDesigns42 you can find printable botanical art and greeting cards, featuring painted flower arrangements or real pressed flowers and leaves: >at SoulBrushing you can find original printable abstract art, using different techniques, and different types of paint: > Fluffy Hedgehog, a YouTube Channel with crafting tutorials on recycling, home decor, gift ideas and many more: >MystiqueL, a Youtube Channel with dancing videos : >Ariciul Pufos, an online shop with handmade jewelry (only for Romanian customers ) : Thanks for visiting! You can contact me any time at

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