True Colors

True Colors – Part 9

At first he was in denial 

Feeling like a pest on trial. 

All his colors begged he stayed 

But his mind was too afraid. 

Feeling trapped and very sad 

He accepted. Packed his bag. 

Grabbed a paper and a pen, 

Wrote to Rachel, his girlfriend. 

“Oh my dearest I must go 

And it breaks my heart in four 

But I’ll fight to find a way 

To return here and to stay. 

You’re my angel, you’re my lover 

You’re my perfect matching color. 

I believe we’re meant to be 

Please have faith and wait for me. 

Then he rushed to catch his boat 

With a sadness in his throat 

He missed Rachel, it was clear 

Other feelings then appeared 

“How will others judge me home? 

Structure’s gone and I’m alone. 

All my tummy’s full of colors 

I most hide this sight from others. “

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