True Colors

True Colors – Part 13

All his sickness disappeared 

And his face was full of cheer.

Packed his bag and went to Rachel  

“Please forgive me, special angel.” 

I don’t want to be a crook 

I just want to write a book. 

I know structure, I know colors 

And combined they will do wonders. 

‘Yes my darling, stay with me 

I’ll support you, just be free. 

I believe that doing this 

Will be good for Kathardis.’ 

He wrote home that it is over, 

And he quits his job forever. 

Asking trust as helping hand. 

Cause they’ll never understand. 

Without waiting for response 

He began his faithful cause. 

Searching for a way to write 

What was only as a thought. 

He began to find a pattern 

And a balance in the matter 

Where the color takes a structure 

In relation with a number. 

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