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The 4 Seasons~Gallery~

Living in a big city and following a certain fixed schedule has pushed man outside of his normal habitat, and disconnected him from nature.

I myself have been a victim to this, but for the past 2 years I have made some small changes that made a big difference in my life.

The first change was to give up the phone alarm in the morning. Even though I have to start my job at a certain hour, my body got used to “knowing” I have to wake up in a certain time range. Sometimes I wake up at 7:30 a.m., sometimes at 8:45 a.m and I’m allowing myself to do that. If I wake up earlier, then I have more time for my morning walk outside before work. If not, I just go for a quick run. I adapt accordingly each morning. And I got to a point where I fully trust my body that I will never wake up later than 9.00 a.m and it has NEVER failed me, regardless of my sleep quality or bed time hour. This change has helped be wake up more rested in the morning and not interrupt important sleep cycles.

The second change I made is to adapt my activities and routines according to the seasons : Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and going with the flow. This change has helped me to stay more healthy, make most of my energy levels, of my productivity and creativity.

I will go into more details for each season, and also showcase some of the photos I’ve captured mostly for the past year. This article will be filled with beautiful scenery, so enjoy!



At the beginning of spring the weather will act out in a bipolar matter. You can expect one day to be warm and sunny and the next to be snowy. It is a time of transition and radical change and any change comes with resistance and conflict, until things settle in. In this time, it’s better to hope for the best but expect the worst. Hope for sunny days, but still have prepared the winter clothes in the closet. Physically and metaphorically speaking. It is a good time to also plan or prepare for changes in your own life, like moving to a different place, starting a new project or meeting new people, but don’t take any definitive decisions yet. Wait for things to settle.


The next phase of spring is of rebirth, when all the trees, plants and seeds that hibernated during winter start to bloom and to germinate. This is also the time when all of your “seeds” start to germinate. The seeds you have planted in your mind, body and soul in the past. The seeds in the form of words, emotions and actions towards yourself and others. If you planted good seeds, flowers will bloom, if you planted bad seeds, weeds will germinate. This is a time where you can take notice of what starts to grow in your life, based on your past actions. It’s a time to take responsibility and re-asses what you can do different next time. Since the process is still at the beginning, you still can make amends and stop some of the growth while you still can. Make some cleanups in your life. Forgive and release what no longer serves you and focus on what does. If you had a big dream or goal that has no results, maybe it’s time to leave it aside and think of a new one.


The last phase of spring should be focused on rejuvenation and health. It is the time where the most rich greens and fruits are available : salads, spinach, green onions, nettle, radishes and berries. This is a time where all the greens implode and these contain the best nutriments to rejuvenate and detox your body. It’s a time to start eating again fresh salads and fruits after a long winter with only warm meals. It’s also the perfect time to sit in the soft and comfortable green grass, to walk barefoot and to admire the flowers in the fields. This is a time where you can feel the most happy and emotional stable, so it’s a good time to start new projects, new relationships, to move homes or jobs, cause you will attract only good circumstances and people to rejoice and to celebrate. If you had any illnesses at the body, mental or emotional level, now it is the perfect time to heal them, with the help of nature.



June is a time when summer starts to slowly kick in and you can encounter extra warm days but followed by rain. This causes an implosion of plant growth. All this green implosion of plants is a great metaphor for abundance, riches and money so this is the perfect time to invest or to create any type of income. The cat approves! 🙂


July is the last month where you can still take advantage of a nice boost for your investments, projects and creativity. It is a time to wrap up all the hard work you have put in. Being at the middle of the year, from this point on the energies will start to decrease. All that boost for growth is slowly touching the culmination point. If you had some big plans for change for the current year, it is now or never to do it.


August is a month with extreme temperatures. The highest points will be touched so any hard work done on this time will be very challenging. That’s why this is the perfect time to take a vacation and to rest. It’s also a very good opportunity to wake up very early in the morning, since it’s a bit more cool outside and you can enjoy a nice walk that can clear your thoughts. The extreme temperatures will cause all that green to dry out and also can cause some powerful and destructive storms, so this is a good time to release and destroy anything that no longer serves you in your life. It is not a good time to invest in anything financial.



Although September is the first month of autumn, there will still be some sunny and warm days that you can enjoy. You can start slowly to be more productive, but also keep taking some short vacations or to rest. The harvesting period will be approaching by the end of the month so this a good time to buy or gather things you need for the late autumn and winter. This can be about all sorts of fruits and vegetables that you can dehydrate, can, turn into jams or pickles, but you can be also about books or hobbies & crafts that you can do indoors in the colder season.


October is a the perfect visual representation of transition. The leaves slowly turn light green, yellow, orange and red. It is an explosion of colours but also a good reminder of the inevitable change in life. In the remaining sunny days, the tired and slightly warm light brings a bit of optimism and acceptance. You cannot stop the process and you just need to adapt. This is a good time to take notice of the inevitable changes within your own life. The ones you have no control over and accept them with grace. Also, the approaching winter will give you enough time to reflect upon them. So be prepared mentally.


November is the last month to wrap up any preparations for the winter. The fresh vegetables and fruit will be less and less available so if there any stocks you need to handle, now it’s the time to do them. This applies also for your emotional and mental state. Winter will be very challenging and even depressing since the day will get shorter and the weather colder, so if you have to make any change that can make your life more peaceful now it’s the time to do it. Maybe you have to cut ties with some people or end some relationships or jobs that are not good for you. It’s best to be done now, while you still have some energy left.



The cheerful and colourful holiday spirit can distract you from the fact that winter has arrived. Normally this is a time for reflection and contemplation , but the preparations for the end of the month with Christmas and New Years will keep you energised in a forceful way, provoking tiredness. This is a good time to reconnect with your close ones, and get energised from social interactions and activities cause you will need some emotional support for the next 2 months that are the most challenging out of all the year.


Since January marks the start of a new year, a lot of people are tempted to start new projects and habits. Unfortunately, although the new year enthusiasm can give you a good boost, it is not enough. You cannot battle with nature. As a mentioned before, March and April would be the perfect times to start something new. In January the focus should be on health. After that exaggeration of food intake during the Holidays, a fasting would be essential and also a lot of sleep and rest. The immune system is not at its best, so you don’t need to push your body. If there was not much snow for Christmas, surely there will be some in January. This is a time when you can feel most lonely, but you can use it to go inwards and meditate. Also avoid making new connections. It’s not good to make them when you feel most vulnerable.


I like to call February the month of Ice or the Frozen One. Since the natural water flow may get stuck, this may also impact your life and feel very stagnant in a lot of areas. You can still be productive, but you will need 10 times more energy than in previous months. A short walk outside can leave your face and hands numb, meaning this is the perfect time to also stand still, like an ice statue, reflect and rest. To stay balanced its best to consume warm meals, like stews and soups and of course the amazing herbal teas. The good news is that there will be some sunny days from time to time, which can bring a bit of optimism to make plans for the spring. Don’t forget also to feed the birds! A lot of them are struggling when all is frozen.

~Last notes~

Of course the weather can differ from month to month or from country to country. What is important is to follow the flow of nature and apply it in your day to day life. No matter how inteligent and powerful we are as human beings, we still have to bow at the magnificence of planet Earth and adapt to its manifestations.

Lots of love to you all!

Note: all photos were taken by me mostly in Bucharest : Circus Park, Herastrau Park, Morii Lake, Floreasca Park but also a few in Busteni and Predeal.

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