Where is home?

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Most people associate “home” with the place where they grew up, with family or the place where they sleep at night.

Since I’ve moved a lot over the years, changing cities and apartments, I lost that classical sense of “home” and just tried to make a new home in the places I most spend my time and where I felt relaxed.

I also noticed having periods of feeling “away from home” , lonely, out of place, like missing a place without knowing where that place might be. I even got to the extreme of thinking that my home may be on another planet, since I found fewer and fewer things and people to resonate with.

In actuality, home is something totally different and unexpected.

Home is our physical body. In fact a more accurate description would be home is our connection to our physical body.

Our physical bodies are the physical expressions of our souls. The feeling of being at home, is actually the feeling of being present in our bodies 100%. Being present in our bodies is the most high form of self love. Being present in our bodies is a form a compassion towards our sensations, which sometimes can be painful.

The reason we can associate loved ones with home is because we feel safe and comfortable in their presence, thus making us stay more present and more in our bodies. The saying “You feel like home to me” can actually be translated to “You make me feel safe to stay in my body”

Experiencing abuse (verbal or physical) or any sort of traumas can make our soul detach from the bodies and having fear of reconnecting back, to avoid the same pains.

Symptoms of being detached from the body can include :a spaced out mind/ excessive daydreaming, feeling lost without purpose, addictions (even a work addiction) , forgetting to eat or overindulging food or drinks, physical diseases, weak immune system, lack of feelings and sensations, intense fear or panic attacks.

Having your soul present in the body is a very healing experience.Your soul is connected to Divine consciousness and unconditional love, so it can only bring benefits to the body by staying in it 100%.

So how do you bring your soul back in the body?

First you need the intention to do so and next you can use a set of tools or activities to help out with the process.

A simple and fun way of being present in the body is while doing ordinary, day to day activities. Next time you are walking down the street, try to feel your feet on the ground. Next time you wash your hands try to feel the water pouring on your skin. Next time you breathe, try to feel the air reaching your lungs. With small things like these you can bring the consciousness inside the body.

My personal favourite is dancing, but also walking in nature, and feeling the wind and the sun on my skin. I not only connect with my body, but also connect with planet Earth.

By doing so, I feel at home no matter the external circumstances. What do you think? Are you in your body right now? At what capacity? Try reaching 100% and see how it feels.

Much love to you all!

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