I’m writing this for all of those that celebrate Easter and to open their eyes to what exactly they are celebrating. If you see this Holiday just a way to reunite with family, have some nice meals and relax, then good for you, nothing wrong with that.

But the deeper meaning behind Easter and the events that happened to Jesus, as they are promoted, and described in the Bible take a very dark and disturbing turn.

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First of all, let’s analyze the ritual of human and blood sacrifice.

Human sacrifice is the offering of the life of a human being to a deity. The occurrence of human sacrifice can usually be related to the recognition of human blood as the sacred life force.

Now let’s go to the meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus:

The crucifixion is important for Christians who believe that God sacrificed Jesus, his only son, to atone for the sins of humanity.

So they are quite similar, but instead of people offering blood to a God, Christians believe a God offered blood to humans. So far, very disturbing.

But if you are a decent human being, with common sense, and at least an ounce of justice spirit inside you, you can tell there is something very off with this whole sacrificing for atoning the sins.

Let’s dive deeper.

So Jesus, who was this innocent, angelic, kind, loving and intelligent person, not only he was punished to die on a cross in a very atrocious way, but he was betrayed by his close friend, he was humiliated and spit on by those who he helped and possible healed and forced to carry his cross to the location where he would die.

And you are telling me, that the people who have done this to him, have to take absolutely no accountability for their actions? there is absolutely no consequence for acting like a horrible being towards someone innocent who has harmed no one, even though everyone! and I mean EVERYONE knew that Jesus was innocent?

The truth is, these people, or animals, cause it’s hard to name them as people, did this purely out of envy, out of spite and because the presence of this magnificent soul, would make them feel less than and insecure. The presence of Jesus made them look in the mirror and see how low they can be and how much work they have to do on themselves. But working on yourself is hard. SO what is the easier way out? DESTROY the one that made them uncomfortable, spit on him, betray him, lie to him and abuse him and kill him. That’s right.

And you know what? after the deed was done, they had possible felt a bit of guilt. But no worries. They found a solution. They re-wrote the events and passed them on through the Bible saying hat GOD wanted it to happen. YES. Blame shifting. And not only that! Also this GOD erased all of their sins. How convenient! A horrible and disgusting act from a bunch of psychopaths.

But wait. That’s not all. After they have done this horrible human sacrifice of this innocent and beautiful human being, they continued this humiliation for thousands of years, masking a cannibalisms ritual, under the name of Eucharist, where you have to eat his flesh and drink his blood. WHAT? DO you really think a man like Jesus, who spread teachings about love, justice, courage, truth and forgiveness, would want you to resume at such disturbing acts? Of course not. He could care less about such rituals.

Then the resurrections happened. First of all he did not die. He was just in deep state of trance to avoid feeling the extreme pain from being stabbed in his arms and legs. They were not sure if he was actually dead since his breath was reduced to an extreme level that it seemed almost nonexistent, but his flesh did not start to decompose. Because of this, they did not burry or cremated him right away. They hid him in a cave and checked on him from time to time to see if he’s ok. After 3 days of being in a trance like induced coma, his body healed at a level that he could stand on his feet.

After he his body healed, it took him 40 days to Ascend.

His Ascension actually meant, rising back to the man who he used to be and even a bit higher than that. Being betrayed in such horrible ways by the people he knew and care about took a lot of heavy burden on his heart. The pain of his heart was way worse than the pain on his body. He needed 40 days to heal himself from that pain and return to his pure self.

They say difficulties make you stronger but it cannot be further from the truth. When someone attacks and abuses you, it doesn’t make you stronger. It just causes a delay in your journey towards the person you are becoming. They can feel your light and who are you meant to be, but they try to stop it. Well they cannot stop it for good, but they can delay it.

At his return people could not look him in the eye because of shame and guilt. But of course NO ONE apologized. They just avoided him.

And after all of this, what this Jesus do? Well he said goodbye and went incognito. He thought : you know what? I did so much for you guys. I tried to teach you how to become better people, how to have a kind heart and how to love. I tried to heal you and feed you. And what you gave in return? Betrayal, humiliation, deception and abuse. I’m out of here. You don’t deserve my presence. And it may have to pass thousands of years for you to understand and apply my teachings.

Peace! I’m out!

P.S. I hope to live the day when representatives of Christianity will finally give credit to this pure and innocent man, stop using his name, his body and blood with rituals without his permission and apologize for the atrocities inflected upon him with absolutely no valid purpose.

P.P.S. At this point it would be easier for them to say he never even existed and that they stole and improvised the wisdom from Buddha. And by they way, Buddha was not a force to mess with. He was constantly attacked but he knew how to deal with anger using his words. He also knew martial arts! They tried to kill him at least 3 times.

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