Mankind’s biggest disease

You may think mankind's biggest disease is hatred, greed or lack of compassion but actually mankind's biggest disease is control. And it doesn't happen on the top levels, in those who govern countries, cities or institutions. No. It happens everywhere, in the average person. We are all part of this disease. Let me exemplify. Photo… Continue reading Mankind’s biggest disease

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True Colors – Part 1

In a Monday afternoon,  Po was playing in his room.  He imagined being king  Casting magic through a ring.  When you look at Po at first,  You can feel emotions burst  Through this cat like, gloomy face  And a tummy spreading grace.  When he’s happy, you can tell.  When he’s angry, sad, as well.  Rainbows… Continue reading True Colors – Part 1

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The Green Suit – Chapter 2 – The 4G Quadrant

Peridot is sitting with his posterior on one of the working desks, joggling his feet in the air, being too short to touch the ground. He watches Homar arranging in perfect order the scattered remaining parts. Usually, after everything is put in place, Homar has the habit of wiping his forehead with his right palm… Continue reading The Green Suit – Chapter 2 – The 4G Quadrant

Books, The Green Suit

The Green Suit – Chapter 1 -The Evaluation

As soon as the light emitted by the orange moon came through the window of Homar’s apartment, he put on his suit, took his tool bag and walked out the door. No one requested him to be at work at an exact time, but he liked to build his own rituals which he followed strictly.… Continue reading The Green Suit – Chapter 1 -The Evaluation


15 Things Pharmaceutical Companies and Religions Have in Common

Hi! Good Morning! Photo by Patricia McCarty on 1. Their products / teachings imply rituals A ritual is something performed according to a prescribed order. Take this pill 3 times a day, one in the morning, one at noon, before eating and one before bedtime. Perform this prayer 10 times a day. Can you… Continue reading 15 Things Pharmaceutical Companies and Religions Have in Common

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How to predict the future

Photo by Ethan Wu on If you like how you feel in the present moment and you are very happy and content, keep doing what you are doing daily. You don't even need to worry about the future. You can click out of this article right now. If you don't like your present moment… Continue reading How to predict the future

Love and Relationships

Emotional unavailable people don’t exist

Nowadays a lot of people blame the failure of their relationships on the emotional unavailable partner. A partner who is not willing to commit, to put in the effort, to express any emotion, intimacy, or even emphathy. But the problem is not the fact that your partner is emotional unavailable. The problem is that you… Continue reading Emotional unavailable people don’t exist

Love and Relationships

Feminine versus Masculine energy

This article is not about sexuality. It is about the energies that can be called feminine and the energies that can be called masculine. Photo by Pixabay on Each person has inside of themselves a proportion of masculine and feminine energy. The masculine energy is responsible for : taking action, building, protecting, fighting for… Continue reading Feminine versus Masculine energy

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My intake on vaccination

This is going to be a very short article. Probably one of the shortest I've ever written. Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on Preconditions: A free person is entitled to make their own decisions regarding their own body. STEPS : Step 1. Stop searching for information to support the decision you have already made in… Continue reading My intake on vaccination