My experience with dreams

Not many people pay attention to their dreams. Some consider them to be some weird and random depictions that our brain creates based on day to day experiences, some forget them as fast as they wake up, and some remember them quite vividly but don’t take the time to analyse them too much. For manyContinue reading “My experience with dreams”

What is like being an empath

Firstly, what is an empath? An empath is someone that can sense and feel other people’s emotions, so much that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish their own emotions from others. Or at least that’s how I see it. Here is what the dictionary has to say about it: empath /ˈɛmpaθ/ noun (chiefly in science fiction)Continue reading “What is like being an empath”

My encounter with a baby crow

Last week the city was stroke by a torrential rain , with drops so heavy and numerous, that a mist was emerged from the ground, not being able to see at a couple of meters ahead of you. It took about 30 minutes or more, then the sun came up. The atmosphere was so magical,Continue reading “My encounter with a baby crow”

Today is my Birthday!

Part.1  When I was born… Exactly 28 years ago, on the day I was born, started the Romanian Revolution in the city called Timisoara, the city I currently live in today. There is actually a boulevard in Timisoara with the name of my Birth date : “16 December 1989”. My mother said some women from theContinue reading “Today is my Birthday!”

The Birthday Experiment : How I motivated others to create birthday cards for my birthday

In my country, it is a tradition or social unspoken rule to treat your fellow colleagues with something for your birthday. In school/ preschool you usually brought a box of chocolates, but as you get a job and start to work in an office with a lot of people, it’s common to bring cakes and cookies, andContinue reading “The Birthday Experiment : How I motivated others to create birthday cards for my birthday”

My Dancing Story : How I started dancing on YouTube

1. Before YouTube My first memory of me dancing was in the kitchen in front of my mother and grandmother, during some random song from the radio. I think I was around 6-7 years old, and I have no idea why I did a performance in front of them, because I was really shy.  They wereContinue reading “My Dancing Story : How I started dancing on YouTube”