True Colors – Part 7

All the students, looked so gloomy, 

Full of colors on their tummy. 

Even tho they’ve interacted, 

They were easily distracted. 

One day they were map creators, 

Next day they were dominators, 

One day they were dancing fairies, 

Just like in Po’s early memories. 

It became worryingly harder, 

Also pleasant in a manner. 

Even tho they lacked the order, 

They were friendly like no other. 

From the group someone was special, 

Pretty, by the name of Rachel. 

She amused him every day, 

With her quirkiness and play. 

Followed by their heart compasses, 

Talking even after classes 

They did everything together 

Under warm or awful weather. 

Published by lauradogariu

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