True Colors

True Colors – Part 6

All these questions troubled Po. 

‘Why did I accept to go?’ 

Is it really necessary? 

What if all is ordinary? 

But his thoughts got interrupted: 

‘Welcome! Please come in, beloved. 

Take this bed and take this food. 

You’re now in my brotherhood.’ 

‘Thank you Duke..’, said Po with sorrow. 

I am nervous for tomorrow. 

‘I can see that, but no worries! 

We can’t wait to hear your stories!’ 

‘We are 42 fresh students 

Gathered like a pack of noodles 

Ready to absorb the knowledge 

When thrown in a bowl of porridge.’ 

The next day he went to teach, 

And prepared a friendly speech, 

“I am Po and I like colors, 

But I’m here to teach you numbers.’ 

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