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Stop working so hard! It’s a trap!

As any person striving for achieving goals I came across in Youtube videos, media, books, TV shows or even movies, this idea that you need to work HARD to be successful. You need to hustle. You need to step out of your comfort zone. You need planners and TODO lists. You need to sweat.  You need to wake up at 5 a.m. in the morning and push hard.

Please don’t. It’s a trap! a trap perfectly set up by your mind, and your beliefs…and possible your mother.

green blue yellow and orange frog on green leaf
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


The secret to achieving all of your goals is to relax, be happy, and take action ONLY when you feel inspired to do so. That’s it. 

Now you will ask, if it’s that simple, where are all those people who barely do anything and have it all? well…there are everywhere around you, but you usually dismiss them as being lucky or happy go lucky. You know, the ones you kinda hate, cause they seem to receive everything so easily, without barely lifting a finger?

Maybe it brings you more satisfaction to say , well I did all of this, with SO MUCH HARD WORK! I’m not lucky, I go and jump and pull and sweat and hustle and muscle!

Yes, it might bring some satisfaction to say that. But this satisfaction is temporary. You only feel good once you achieve the goal. And that’s it. You might also get addicted to that feeling, and become a workaholic, feeling alive and happy for brief moments,  from achieved goal to achieved goal. Just like an occasional drug dose.   On the other hand, the happy go lucky ones, not only do they feel good towards the goal, they also feel good once they achieve it, and they achieve it even faster than the hard workers.

Let me further explain this with this river analogy.

time lapse photography of lake
Photo by Rachel Baskin Photography on Pexels.com

Let’s say you have to swim a distance of 1 km ..or 1 mile. The river flows from A to B, with a considerable speed.

The hard workers will start from B, and swim towards A, basically against the stream. It will be rough. At on point they will loose it, and the water will bring them back to B. After some bruised muscles, a lot of swollen water, and a couple of hours, they reach the goal. They are ecstatic! YES! they did it! afterwords they rush to the hospital.

The happy go luckies, will start from A, along the stream, and not swim at all. In fact, they will just lay on their backs and float, and let the water carry them to B. At some point they will tilt a bit, if they feel like it. They will close their eyes trusting the water. They will be in so much joy! They will feel like kids again, enjoying the ride. They reach the goal in 10 minutes. They want to go again!

Ok, sounds perfect in theory. How do we apply this in real life? Three words: Relax, Intuition and Trust.

Step 1 : RELAX

The first step is to relax, by doing all the possible things that bring you joy : a walk in nature, a good book, dancing, singing,  a good nap in clean sheets, a long bath, a nice cake, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, some relaxing music, a trip, petting an animal, a massage, sex with your loved one, a good restaurant, daydreaming, meditating, attending a SPA, a glass of wine, chocolate, smelling some flowers, a sun bath …..the list goes on.

Try to relax as much as possible each day.

The purpose of relaxation is to quiet the mind- the number one enemy in blocking you from receiving all the good things in life with ease.


As you practice relaxation more and more, you become a better receiver of light and love energy from the universe. You simply allow things to flow to you. You become a radio station for receiving inspiration and great ideas. Once you are bombarded with these great ideas, write them down, or take action on them.

Haven’t you noticed how some of your best ideas and solutions pop in your head in the shower or after a good sleep, or even in the middle of the night? That’s because for a brief moment your body was relaxed and your mind was quiet!

Sometimes you will get a lot of ideas, but not feel inspired to act on them. That is perfectly fine. If you don’t feel an impulse to act on them, don’t. It might not be the right time to act on something.

For example, you might receive a good idea for a book, but don’t feel like publishing it yet. That’s ok. Maybe the universe is guiding you to publish it in December, because you will have more buyers than in March, due to the Holidays.


Well this is the hardest step where a lot of people fail. That’s because we always need to see proof of what we are desiring, to be happy. We live in a conditional world : “I will only be happy when..this and this happens”. That’s another trap!

Once you relaxed, harvested all the great ideas and took action on them, from a place of well being…it’s time to wait, and trust that things will work out for you behind the scenes, EVEN IF YOUR REALITY SHOWS YOU SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

If you took the appropriate action, but nothing happened yet, don’t panic, by taking further action, from a place of fear and impatience!

A lot of people get stuck at this step, because in life, just like in nature, everything needs some time to bloom. You plant the seed, you water it, you watch it grow, and after some time you harvest.

You can’t plant the seed, and go to collect the fruit the next day, when the plant hasn’t even germinated.

So after taking the action on your ideas, go back to step 1 and relax again, have patience and trust! even if in the present moment there is no evidence that your actions worked, just say again and again : ” Everything works out for me. Everything works out for me.” And it will. I promise.

Lots of love to you all!








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