True Colors

True Colors – Part 5

So he left for Kathardhis, 

On a boat, over the seas. 

He felt lonely, but with purpose. 

‘I can’t wait to teach the numbers!’ 

After weeks of float at sea, 

Good to face his destiny, 

He placed foot in a new land, 

Where the colors are at hand. 

‘Are you Po? ‘ a voice comes through. 

‘Yes I am, and who are you?’ 

I’m the Duke of Tantori. 

For three months you’ll stay with me. 

The appearance of this Duke 

Opened Po, just like a book. 

He felt glimpses from a day, 

When he sang, and danced and played. 

He saw others, on the street, 

Watched them closely, top to feet. 

All of them seemed nice and gloomy, 

Full of rainbows in their tummy. 

‘So much color in these places, 

So much kindness in their faces. 

Is the structure really good? 

Is this mission understood?’ 

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